Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dracula's Third Wife by Stephen T. Grey (#trans #romance #erotica)

With Stephen publishing new stories every couple of days, it can be tough to keep up. So, today we are trying something a little different, with a series of short reviews scattered throughout the day. Enjoy!

When you think of Dracula, Wild West prostitutes are hardly the first thing that come to your mind, but that is what makes Dracula's Third Wife so much fun. Lexi is a transgender prostitute of the era who wears her 'jezebel' label with pride.

In fact, in case I have not pointed it out before, that is part of what I love about Stephen T. Grey's work. Whether they are transsexuals, sissies, futanari, or something else, his t-girls are always happy, well-adjusted, and proud of both their gender and their sexuality. There is no shame or embarrassment to his stories, and no morning-after regrets.

Anyway, getting back to our story, Lexi encounters a stranger named Vlad, whose strange accent and exotic appearance call to her. This is a story that is more horror than erotica in its first half, with much of it focused on . . . well, exactly what you would expect of Dracula and his vampire bride. There is actually a very romantic reason he chose Lexi, and that bit of history or backstory is my favorite part of the story. As for the second half, I will not spoil the fun beyond promising that Vlad and Lexi both get their share of sexual exploits with some very lucky mortals.

Stephen Grey has been a BDSM Dominant for almost two decades now. He has also only had relationships with transgendered females for the past 20 years. Consequently most of his stories are BDSM related stories centering on a transsexual lady.

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