Monday, June 19, 2017

Perils of Paul: Initiation by Valerie Whip & Annabelle Brito (#femdom #pegging #erotica)

Although it clearly shares some of the same themes as Perils of Paul: Consequences, I am not really clear on whether Perils of Paul: Initiation is intended to be a sequel. Other than a brief mention of "humiliating experience with dominant women in his younger years" in the cover blurb, it does not appear as if the Paul here shares the history of the Paul there. It is not really important to the story, but it is something that certainly played on my mind, as I kept expecting some reference or comparison to his past submission.

That question aside, Valerie Whip has written a fun bit of erotica here, to which Annabelle Brito once again adds her sexy illustrations. Paul is a young man in college who strikes up a friendship with the beautiful Lacy. He likes her, and would like to be more than friends, so he reluctantly agrees to be part of her sorority initiation, hoping her gratitude will lead to something more.

That initiation is well done, with three young couples blindfolded, carted off to a strange house, and subjected to some kinky bondage games. It is a well-told story, distinguished as much by the dialogue as the erotic details - which included bondage, oral worship, and pegging. It is definitely edgy, riding that fine line of dubcon, and the subtle, open-ended twist at the end is a nice touch.

Valerie Whip has enjoyed living the submissive and the dominant role in her daily life. She relishes the feelings of control or lack of control. She likes taking everyday circumstances and twisting them into stories that others can play out. She has been writing for more than 10 years now and can’t seem to stop composing scenarios that evoke steamy sexual encounters for others. She has to take frequent breaks in her endeavor to compose herself after becoming extremely wet and ready while telling her tales. She hopes you enjoy her stories as much as she does writing them.

Annabelle Brito is an artist and fan of erotic feminization literature. Annabelle is known as the artist for The Rikki Blackwell’s underground hit, The Martin Hastings Saga and recently Kylie Gable’s critically acclaimed The Jaguar series. Annabelle also curates the Force Feminization Illustration Art blog.


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  1. Thank you Sally for the review. Me and Valerie just wanted to address that each story of Paul stands on its own, but it chronicles different sexual adventures in Paul's life. The second story takes place a few years after Paul's experience in being feminized by his step sister and her friends. Book 2 follows Paul in college and tells his experience one night falling into a kinky trap set up by a sorority...


    Annabelle B.