Thursday, June 22, 2017

Shelley: Box Set 1 by J.C. Winchester (#trans #romance #bisexual)

Shelley: Box Set 1 collects the first four erotic transsexual romances by J.C. Winchester, and it is an altogether lovely collection with a wonderful romantic progression and significant character development throughout.

In First Meeting we are introduced to a waitress by the name of Shelley, and a regular customer named Matt. The two have been happily flirting for years, but have never taken their relationship beyond the restaurant . . . until Shelley finally puts her heart on the line and invites him back to her place for a drink. Winchester does a great job of establishing the characters here, making us care about them from the start, and handles the reveal of Shelley's transsexual nature both realistically and compassionately.

With the relationship secure, Cruise of Lust sees the wonderful couple enjoying a little romance at sea. As if the gift of a cruise were not enough, Matt surprises Shelley with one run by and for an LGBT crowd. It is an environment where she can freely be herself, without the need to hide the evidence of her transsexual nature, and that leads to a wonderfully exhibitionist sort of freedom. Here we really get to see Shelley's playful side, sharing in her joy of acceptance. There is some interesting talk of LGBT relationships as well, which not only develops their relationship, but expand Matt's legal clientele.

In The Resort, Shelley is exhausted from her first semester at school, and Matt is overwhelmed at the office. Still very much in love, they decide to join their friends from the cruise to help build an exclusive forest getaway and enjoy some open-minded camping. It is here where the story really begins to open up, as Shelley continues exploring the newfound freedom to express her sexuality, and Matt begins preparing himself to confront his own sexual inhibitions. The introduction of Allie and Katie makes for a wonderful addition to the story, opening up an interesting exploration of pansexual attraction, and allowing Shelley to bring a transsexual lover to their bed who understands her needs, her desires, and her emotions.

The Cabin takes the idea of pansexuality and open relationships even further, with the two couples taking a private vacation together. With a cisgender man and woman, and the two transsexual women who love them, the variety here of experience here is wonderful. There is a testing limits, an exploration of hidden desires, and the revelation of a new level of intimacy for all. There are firsts for both Shelley and Matt that are too exciting to spoil by talking about here, but I loved the way Winchester detailed those encounters, really making the reader appreciate how different sex can be. This chapter is about far more than just sex, however, as the experiences bring Shelley and Matt even closer, bonding them emotionally.

A lovely collection of sweet romance and tasteful erotica, Shelley: Box Set 1 is an absolute delight to read.

JC Winchester grew up reading just about anything he could get his hands on, from cereal boxes to the Hardy Boys. He loves most forms of fiction, particularly fantasy and military sci-fi. When not writing he can usually be found taking care of the horses on his place, riding, hiking, fishing, or the never ending task of splitting firewood.


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