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Sibling Rivalry 1-4 by Mindi Harris (#feminization #femdom #humiliation)

Sibling Rivalry is a four-part story from Mindi Harris that takes a dark, rather disturbing look at the lengths to which brothers and sisters will go to assert their dominance and claim their inheritance.

In Sibling Rivalry 1, we are introduced to what promises to be a fantastic story of forced feminization and twisted mind control. I loved the way Mindi built the story up in layers, using flashbacks and memories to slowly unveil the truth of what was happening to Stephen Hart. By having him face his own painful memories of being sissified at his sister's hands, and then forcing him to share them with a nurse who is secretly aroused by the humiliation, the story really plays with our expectations and our emotions. The whole twisted double-cross with the clinic is absolutely fantastic, and there is a distinct guilty pleasure in witnessing how the process that was promised 'cure' him plays so deftly into his fantasies and his fears.

The story continues in Sibling Rivalry 2, and while it is the weakest of the four installments, it does still add some interesting elements to the story overall. Much of this chapter will seem familiar to readers, as it covers much the same ground as in the first chapter. The difference is, we know by now what is really happening, and we can appreciate the deviousness with which Gwendolyn mocks, teases, and torments her patient. Even as Stephen struggles with the clash between his own repressed memories and the new ones they are trying to implant, he is forced to reveal even more about his embarrassing past and the extents to which is sisters has already sissified him.

Sibling Rivalry 3 is where the story really begins moving forward, with Gwendolyn really pushing her patient to remember, even as she counsels him to forget. The way in which she gets him to so vividly recount his cheerleader past, and then uses that to first lower his guard, and to then dangle the fantasy like a carrot before him is brilliant. The rest of the transformation team gets in on this chapter as well, adding further humiliation to an already difficult situation. With threats of chastity and castration, hormones, surgeries, and brainwashing, Stephen continues to fight, but it is increasingly obvious that he cannot succeed.

The entire story wraps up in Sibling Rivalry 4, which introduces an odd new character while continuing to escalate the threats, yet never quite follows through on most of them. It is certainly the most intense instalment, with Stephen close to breaking - physically, emotionally, and intellectually. In fact, were it not for the odd new arrival who seems to provide him with a hope (or is it a cruel tease?) or rescue, he certainly would be completely transformed. I have to be honest, I would have like a little more follow through here, and would have loved to see a post-transformation Stephanie in action, but I also understand that is not the focus. As for the final twist, I suspect it will be something of a polarizing one, certain to delight some readers while frustrating others, but I have to give Mindy credit for taking a chance and doing something different.

Mindi Harris writes stories about ordinary women pushed beyond the breaking point by obnoxious (or worse) men. Her stories focus on reasonable situations, compelling motivations, and plausible circumstances. In other words: no magic, science fiction, or other things that couldn't really happen. She tries to maintain high quality levels: continuity of characterization, spelling, grammar, and richness of narrative.

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