Tuesday, June 13, 2017

TG Hearts Bundle by Kella Z. Driel (#trans #romance #trap)

The TG Hearts Bundle is a collection of three transgender romances from the pen of Kella Z. Driel. Regular readers likely know her best for her sissy and futa erotica, but the truth is Kella is an author of many talents, and she does romance exceptionally well.

The collection opens with Tammy: A Steamy Transgender Romance, in which a sweet college guy named Josh proves what kind of a friend he truly is when Tommy shows up on his doorstep as Tammy. Josh is a wonderful (and realistic) character, just as consumed with fears about himself as he is with fears for Tammy. He has trouble adjusting to the news about his old friend, but does not shy away from that pivotal moment of tenderness when it comes.

Transform Me Tonight is a bit of a kinkier tale, with more of a fantasy spin to it, but defined once again by its fully-fledged main character. Here we have Harlan, a frat boy who worries a lot about his image, but not so much that he can pass up Thursday nights with Kelly, the transgender stripper of his dreams. Theirs is an odd relationship, one with soft BDSM undertones, yet marked with an even stronger bond of romance. There is a bit of comedy here as well, and a feel-good finale that reminds us we all share secrets.

The final story here, Candy: A Steamy Transgender Romance, is an emotional story of romance and rejection, with two equally strong main characters. Roger is hard to like at first, with all his frat boy smugness and silent prejudices, but when his date proves to be a set-up designed to embarrass both Candy and himself, he shows his true colors. It is not an instant-love story, and it takes some time for him to come to his senses, but that just means his grand gesture is that much more satisfying in the end.

While Kella's stories always have a happy ending for the reader, her TG Hearts Bundle offers up happily-ever-afters for her lovers as well. Sweet, sensual, and more than a tad sexy, it makes for a wonderful read.

Kella Z. Driel is a top-selling author of transgender, lesbian and other erotic romance. Her stories range from contemporary college campuses to the mythological past and a thundering, awestruck future. Her tagline is “transgressive romance for a kinky world” and it shows in each new release.



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