Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Curse of Madeline by Lyka Bloom (#creampie #bodyswap #erotica)

Since I had so much fun with the idea last week, I am continuing with something a little different today, with a series of Lyka Bloom reviews scattered throughout the day. Happy Bloomday!

Lyka Bloom always tells a fantastic tale of gender-swapping and gender-transformation, but The Curse of Madeline may be her sexiest and most sinister yet. It is a weird, magical sort of tale, one the grabs hold of your imagination and puts the readers under a hypnotic spell of their own.

It all begins when Dennis' daughter brings a new friend home, a stunningly beautiful young woman who wastes no time putting the moves on the man of the house. Their sex is quick, passionate, and dirty, always ending in the messy pleasure of Dennis licking his way through her creampie to bring her to orgasm. I have to admit, that kinky addition was a little touch that I loved, and it does play a significant role in making the magic happen.

The actual body-swap transformation is slow and surreal, a magical sort of transition that is deliberately confusing, blending roles and genders. It all leads to a dark, open-ended climax, with a conversation that reveals just enough information to intrigue the reader, but to leave a sense of mystery. Definitely recommended.

Lyka Bloom lives and works in Tennessee as a technical writer. She has always enjoyed the exploration of fantasies, from the mundane to the kinky, generally revolving around hypnosis, mind control and transformation.

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