Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Sissification of a Construction Worker by Stephen T. Grey (#trans #bdsm #erotica)

With Stephen publishing new stories every couple of days, it can be tough to keep up. So, today we are trying something a little different, with a series of short reviews scattered throughout the day. Enjoy!

What happens when online games bleed into reality, when an act of fantasy turns out to have real-world commitments attached? That is precisely what Jack finds out in The Sissification of a Construction Worker by Stephen T. Grey.

Although it has a violent opening, and she suffers from mixed feelings post-abduction, it quickly becomes clear that jacqueline is not all that unhappy with her fate. Her mental transition is dealt with perhaps a bit too easily, but there are some interesting sentiments expressed there, dealing with the shift from family responsibilities to sexual fantasy.

The sex here is secondary to her submission, but still makes for an intense scene of punishment and pleasure.

Stephen Grey has been a BDSM Dominant for almost two decades now. He has also only had relationships with transgendered females for the past 20 years. Consequently most of his stories are BDSM related stories centering on a transsexual lady.

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