Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Caged by his Ebony Girlfriend by Brooke Dubois (#femdom #chastity #pegging)

The Caged by his Ebony Girlfriend trilogy is an interesting read for several reasons. First, it is a work of interracial erotica, but one featuring a black woman and a white man. Second, it is story about female domination and chastity, but one featuring a vanilla couple who have never expressed any dominant or submissive desires. Finally, and this is perhaps what struck me the most, its focus is predominantly on a woman's pleasure - yes, male chastity is at the heart of it, but the story is less about Josh's frustration and more about Erika's delight.

Brooke Dubois opens the trilogy with Enforced Male Chastity, where Josh discovers that his birthday present to Erika is to be two weeks. He, of course, does not even last the first hour without begging for release. There is some nice tease-and-denial to this chapter, but the real highlight is how he is forced to orally please his budding new Mistress time and time again.

As the story continues in Caged Lust, Erika has become rather addicted to the feeling of power she now holds, becoming aroused by Josh's desperation to please her. There is some nice spanking here, but this chapter's highlight is the way in which he comes to not just want, not just desire, but honestly beg to be pegged by Erika's massive black strap-on.

It all comes to a head, no pun intended, in Caged for Her. There is a bit of everything from the first two chapters here - oral pleasure, spankings, and pegging - but it is all at a higher level of intensity, with a deeper level of dominance and submission attached. From vanilla novices playing a game at the start, Josh and Erika become open about their fetishes, attending an exclusive BDSM play party where they become an exhibitionist centrepiece.

Caged by his Ebony Girlfriend is what I would call sexy, sex-positive, and female-centric. Like I said, it is a story about male chastity, but its focus is on how that denial benefits their love life, at which Erika is rightly the center.


  1. Hi Sally,

    You may want to make a note that you had the first book in this trilogy, Enforced Male Chastity, on the TGIF list this past Friday. And at least as of this morning, it is still free as is the second book, Caged Lust. This ends up saving a buck if you buy all three. This is on Amazon, of course.

    1. Good point, hon. I linked to the bundle as well as the individual stories in the review. They have all been free at some point, so regular TGIF readers may have them all . . . even if they do not realize it. :)