Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cuckoldry Negotiated: The Full Trilogy by Jon Zelig (#femdom #cuckold)

Continuing our Fourplay Fetish Feature on his erotic domination, cuckolding, and age play erotica, we feature another review of Jon Zelig's work.

Cuckoldry Negotiated: The Full Trilogy opens with a narrative technique that usually does not work for me, and which initially caused me to pull away from the story, but ultimately I do like the way Jon Zelig pulled it off. The first book of the trilogy is really a one-sided negotiation, with the wife-to-be speaking to the reader, anticipating our doubts, fears, questions, and requests. It is structured in such a way that it really pulls you into the story, placing us wholly within this contract of female domination and cuckoldry.

In the second book the story switches to a more traditional narrative, with the submissive hubby relating to us the story of his dungeon wedding. Officiated by a lesbian dominatrix and assisted by a sexy trio of bridesmaids, it sees hubby shaved and placed into chastity. There is a line he relates about his wife that I think drives home the sort of feeling that Zelig's brand of female domination provokes - "She smelled like home: like love and terror; safety and danger; conquest and surrender."

Having gone from negotiation to marriage, the third book takes us (quite naturally) to the honeymoon. This is a strange and erotic affair, involving video cameras and glass walls that put the cuckolded hubby's role on exhibitionist display. This is a story of teasing, testing, and trusting one another, with the kind of happily-ever-after only a true submissive can appreciate. Personally, I would have loved for Cuckoldry Negotiated: The Full Trilogy to have a fourth chapter, taking us home after the honeymoon, but it is never a bad thing to be left wanting more.
Jon Zelig writes about sexually intense, romantic, power exchange relationships, more psychological domination than physical. Mostly Femdom (Maledom the province of twin sister Joy), often in conjunction w/ Chastity Play & Cuckolding--sometimes including elements of Age Play: Dommy-Mommy-Wife, disciplining & caring for Bad-Little-Boy-Husband; Joy writes about Dommy Daddies w/ Bratty-Adolescent-Wives.

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