Monday, July 24, 2017

Fourplay Fetish Feature: Introducing Jon Zelig

With summer upon us, it is time for another Fourplay Fetish Feature, which sees us dedicate 4 consecutive days to showcasing an author who has intrigued or excited me. This month I am delighted to introduce you to Jon Zelig, who has graciously agreed to stop by and take part.

Jon Zelig writes about sexually intense, romantic, power exchange relationships, more psychological domination than physical. Mostly Femdom (Maledom the province of twin sister Joy), often in conjunction w/ Chastity Play & Cuckolding--sometimes including elements of Age Play: Dommy-Mommy-Wife, disciplining & caring for Bad-Little-Boy-Husband; Joy writes about Dommy Daddies w/ Bratty-Adolescent-Wives.

No babies, no diapers, no cribs; no incest, no violence, minimal compulsion—a bit of hand, hair brush, or belt: no whips or crops or canes. Most work is in a contemporary setting, sometimes w/ an “alternative reality” skew; some set in a “Gynarchic Future.” Almost always—the intensity of the roles they are playing notwithstanding? His characters love and try to take care of each other.

You can follow Jon on Goodreads and Wordpress.

Jon Zelig has been publishing for roughly a year now, with his books grouped under a few different pseudonyms. As Jon, he writes femdom erotica, often with cuckolding and age play components.

As Joy, he writes maledom erotica, also with the recurring theme of age play.

Most recently, as Bram and Zoë, he writes paranormal erotica sphere, with Zoë leaning more towards softcore erotica and romance.

Please do join me in making Jon Zelig feel welcome!

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