Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Futas of the House Bundle 1 by E.V. Stonebraker (#futa #bisexual #femdom)

Futas of the House Bundle 1 by E.V. Stonebraker contains Three Futa-on-Male Stories for Your Reading Pleasure . . . and I am delighted to say it more than delivers on that promise! Futa-on-Male erotica is rare enough on its own, but to find an author who can do it well, and with some taboo flair, is a true delight.

Unzipping the Brat's Secret makes for a wonderful introduction to Stonebraker's world. It somehow manages to be funny, cute, sentimental, and erotic all at the same time. There is real character building here, a great bit of sexual tension, and some good-natured humor in what could otherwise be a humiliating scenario. The sex, of course, is absolutely fantastic, made all the sweeter by a college boy who has been dreaming of a woman with "a little extra."

Camping with my Futa Stepmother is an altogether different story, more fantasy based, with something of a bimbo futa transformation involved. Once again, it is marked by strong characters with some genuine conflict or tension between them, drawing the reader in and making us care about the oddness to follow. The sex here is primal, lacking some of the playful emotions in the first story, but it still makes for a fantastic read.

Road Trip with the Futa Brat closes out the collection on a high note, with another fun tale full of secrets and sexual tension. The conversation here is great, as Jay and Lilah slowly get to know one another while on the road, and the way he tries to deal with her secret is almost as much fun as how he discovers it. The sex here is quick, dirty, and often very public, with the ultimate consummation of their lust spectacular.

Futas of the House Bundle 1 is how you do futa-on-male right. There is no force or coercion, no shock or disgust, and no humiliation or degradation. Sam has been desperately looking for a futa lover and is delighted to submit; Thomas is the most reluctant of the three young men, but very open to the experience; and Jay may not have really thought about it before, but he is excited by the possibilities. Stonebraker gives us great characters, taboo relationships, and passionate sex, free of hang-ups or inhibitions. I will definitely be reading more!

E.V. Stonebraker is your everyday struggling artist in the wonderful, secretive, ever-dreaming city of Los Angeles. She started writing erotica on a dare, and she's not looking back. By day, she's just one of the million faces you see on the morning commute. But as soon as the sun sets, E.V. is putting down unspoken, sexy, dirty fantasies in words for your reading pleasure.


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