Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Man Whisperer Program by Jon Zelig (#femdom #cuckold)

This morning we wrap up our Fourplay Fetish Feature on the erotic domination, cuckolding, and age play erotica of Jon Zelig.

With The Man Whisperer ProgramJon Zelig enters the shadowy world of dubious consent for the first time in my experience to his work. While his other stories have been happier ones, dealing with submissive men finding their place in the world, this is a darker story that has some definite cruelty to it - and, interestingly enough, regrets for both husband and wife.

This is a story where Bob and Bailey find out that the fantasy does not always live up to the reality, while Lily and Rico discover that you cannot force the fantasy. The two couples make for an interesting contrast, exploring subjects of dominance, submission, chastity, cuckolding, and bisexuality from two very different perspectives.

What really defined the story for me, though, was the regular meeting at the Man Whisperer Institute, where Bailey and Lily discuss their progress with a roundtable of other dominant women. Here, the whole fantasy is approached from an intellectual perspective, broken down into steps, and analyzed through the wives' reactions. The institute advises against the kind of brutal breaking of Rico that Lily has in mind, even as they chastise Bailey for her reservations about Bob.

The Man Whisperer Program is not as happy as Jon's other stories, but it just may be the most fascinating of them all. Good erotica should make you think, and this certainly does that.
Jon Zelig writes about sexually intense, romantic, power exchange relationships, more psychological domination than physical. Mostly Femdom (Maledom the province of twin sister Joy), often in conjunction w/ Chastity Play & Cuckolding--sometimes including elements of Age Play: Dommy-Mommy-Wife, disciplining & caring for Bad-Little-Boy-Husband; Joy writes about Dommy Daddies w/ Bratty-Adolescent-Wives.

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