Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Sissy Pts 1-5 by Princess Pegger (#femdom #dubcon #humiliation)

While I do prefer stories of happy sissies and blissful submission, we all have a dark side, and I know a lot of readers like to play where it is dangerous. It was The Complete Cuckold that first called my attention to Princess Pegger, but it was The Sissy that I chose to read first.

Collecting the first 5 stories in the saga (there is a Part 6 available outside the bundle), this is a dark tale of cruelty, revenge, forced feminization, and . . . well, let us not beat around the bush, dubious consent. There is nothing happy about Alan's predicament, with an act of punishment that seems to take on a life of its own.

In Part One: Tamed, we learn that Alan has been taking advantage of women his entire life, including the blackmail of a colleague, a fellow executive who has become his office sex slave. When he awakens from a drugged stupor one afternoon, he finds himself feminized and placed in chastity, with all his precious blackmail evidence altered to make him the guilty party.

Things only get worse in Part Two: Cleaning Girl, where Alan gets his first taste of sissy submission at the hands of an office cleaning girl. For him, it is the ultimate in debasement, being forced to not only take on the role of a menial servant, but to service a woman he sees as beneath him. This is truly where his breaking begins.

The focus in Part Three: Mr. Sissy is on total humiliation, as Alan is forced to begin living a series of lies to explain why he's feminized, with no wallet, no keys, and no male clothing. What initially seems to be a chance at salvation just turns into more humiliation, while a trip to the gym only further reinforces his new status as a sissy.

Not that is has been a happy series to date, but it is in Part Four: Broken In The Locker Room where things begin to get really dark. I will refrain from saying much, but being trapped in the locker room with a naked man may not seem like a big deal, but when you are roughly feminized sissy, with a 'Sissy' tramp stamp on your back and an invitation to spank you scrawled across your butt cheeks . . . resistance really is futile, and being rescued only promises to make it worse.

So far, much of Alan's debasement has been at the hands of total strangers, but Part Five: Streetwalker introduces an emotional twist as his girlfriend gets involved. It was in the last chapter where the story got dark, but here is where it gets dirty, complete with physical assault, used condoms, watersports, and more. For me, this is where the story started to become distasteful, so I am somewhat glad the bundle ended there.

If you are a fan of cruel femdom, humiliation, torture, and degradation, then The Sissy has a lot to offer. It is rather dark for my tastes, not to mention a bit too conveniently opportunistic, but it is a genre that has its fans, and I do think it is important to step outside my comfort zone from time to time.

Princess Pegger grew up in a small New England town where nothing ever happened except the things no one talked about. Things that went on behind closed doors in the dark. She used to imagine what other people were doing there in the darkness. Alone or with someone else. She grew up and moved out of that little town, but never left her imagination behind. Now she's decided to get off the kink sidelines and get into the game. She's going to see if there are any other people out there with as wicked an imagination as hers.

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