Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Turned Gay by the Government: Population Control by Melissa Miranti (#gay #mindcontrol)

I have always had a fascination with stories where characters are forced, coerced, trained, or otherwise manipulated into changing their sexual orientation. Yes, part of it is a fetish for being forced to confront prejudices and inhibitions, and part of it is a fetish for being broken and transformed according to someone else's desires. Underlying all of that, however, is my belief that human sexuality would be naturally open and free, were it not for our social conditioning.

Anyway, that is a long-winded introduction to Turned Gay by the Government: Population Control, in which Melissa Miranti suggests a future where homosexuality is used to free women of sexual pressures, and to reign in an ever-growing population. What I loved about this is that it is a story about sexual expression, pure and simple, free from gender expectations or roles. Whereas so many stories in the genre emasculate or feminize men to make them sexually compliant, Miranti simply opens them up to the pleasures of other men.

It is a rather subtle tale, one where men are placed into intimate positions and slowly conditioned to enjoy the touch of one another. Aside from maintaining their attention on the daily loop of pornographic images and videos, there is no physical force or punishment involved - and that is what makes it so enjoyable. As social conditioning is removed, the men at Camp Ganymede simply learn to take the sexual pleasure that is available. It starts small, with shared beds and mutual masturbation, and ends in a night of sexual abandon.

If you share that fetish for transforming sexual orientation, and prefer it without any emasculation or sissy elements, then Turned Gay by the Government: Population Control is a very sexy, thoroughly entertaining read.

Melissa Miranti is an erotica writer from Brooklyn. Although she's fairly new to this, she's certain she can bring you the inspiration you need for your steamy nights. Her books cover a wide variety of interests, though you can certainly request a subject for her next book! She hopes you enjoy each and every word she brings you, whether you share them with another, or keep them all to yourself.


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