Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Turned into a Sissy Sex Slave by Rebecca Sterne (#femdom #sissy #bisexual #forcedfem)

You know, sometimes I think I may be too responsible for my own good. The very idea of paying a bill late makes me sick to my stomach, and the prospect of falling behind in rent is almost unthinkable. However, if I knew that being Turned into a Sissy Sex Slave was a legitimate payment option . . . well, I fear I might start renting vacant apartments just to fall behind!

What Rebecca Sterne has written here is a wonderful piece of sissy erotica, lovingly detailed, with a subtle, insidious sort of forced feminization. It all starts innocently enough as Miss Palmer has Jesse clean her apartment, but the situation becomes immediately awkward when she has him sort through her dirty lingerie. Before long she is putting him in an apron (purely out of concern for his clothes), asking him to try on a maid's dress (since he is almost the same size as her niece), and then suggesting that try on some of her dirty lingerie (which is far more appropriate to wear under the dress than his jeans).

As the days go on, Miss Palmer not only increases his feminization, but his sexual submission as well. By the end of that first week, Jesse is fully feminized, trapped in a pink chastity cage, stretched by a metal butt plug, and intimately acquainted with his neighbor. It is a wonderful progression, gentle and encouraging, with only the barest minimum of force and humiliation involved. There is a lovely amount of detail invested in what it feels like to be dressed as a sissy, and Miss Palmer is precisely the kind of dominant woman who makes my panties damp. While it can fun to watch a real man be broken and cruelly feminized, I do so enjoy it when a boy is lovingly sissified, and comes to take a natural delight in his new role.

I will not spoil the rest of the story for you, but I will say it provides a new home and a new career to match Jesse's new identity. For my first taste of Rebecca Sterne, Turned into a Sissy Sex Slave was absolutely delightful, and I will definitely be reading more!

Rebecca Sterne is a bestselling author of erotic fiction. Her books regularly occupy the Top 100 Transgender Erotica list on Amazon with most of her books having become number one bestsellers. She lives in the UK and is passionate about being an author. Now a full time writer she enjoys nothing more than exploring the world of transgender fiction and erotica, bringing her own unique brand to both the Transgender and ABDL worlds.


  1. I to relate to wanting to start falling back in rent even though I own my own home. Giggles. I so relate. I remember Awakening the other day and even thought about it on the way to my manly job about what job I could do to just be pretty, dress sexy and service men. Oh and up all night and sleep all day. Kind of thing. I laughed on my way to work thinking about what is said upon getting it of bed

    1. Oh, I hear you. It is nice to own your own home . . . until something goes wrong and there is no landlord to call! I would love to be free from those adult responsibilities and just embrace my fantasies.