Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Model for Stepdaddy by E.V. Stonebraker (#futa #erotica #taboo)

Welcome to the latest instalment of Fourplay Fetish Feature, which sees us dedicate a 4-pack of posts to showcasing an author who has intrigued or excited me. In case you missed it, E.V. Stonebraker kicked things off with an interview, and now I am delighted to share a few reviews!

A Model for Stepdaddy is such a wonderfully unexpected slice of erotica that I am almost reluctant to say anything about it, for fear of ruining the surprises. E.V. Stonebraker really shakes up the genre clich├ęs here, utilizing them in such a way that taboos become delightfully . . . well, not taken for granted, but almost commonplace.

Here we have a professional photographer and his step-daughter, collaborating on an erotic art project that promises to take their respective talents to the next level. Built around the idea of duality, the project requires Jean to simultaneous play conflicting roles and emotions, but what Otto is really interested in is the duality of her futa nature.

What I loved so much about this is the fact that Jean is not a freak, a curiosity, or a trap. Futa is just another gender, of no particular note, and her step-father is attracted to her overall beauty. Rather than use her futa nature as fetish fuel, it is the taboo nature of the stepfather/stepdaughter relationship that provides the kink here.

Having said all that, Jean is futa, and Otto is a dutiful lover to pays attention to all aspects of her beauty. Between the simple acceptance of her gender, the step-taboo, the BDSM elements, and the erotic art aspect of their duality project, A Model for Stepdaddy becomes a story that does so much more than you might expect from the title.

E.V. Stonebraker is your everyday struggling artist in the wonderful, secretive, ever-dreaming city of Los Angeles. She started writing erotica on a dare, and she's not looking back. By day, she's just one of the million faces you see on the morning commute. But as soon as the sun sets, E.V. is putting down unspoken, sexy, dirty fantasies in words for your reading pleasure.


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