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Fourplay Fetish Feature: An Interview with E.V. Stonebraker

Welcome to the latest instalment of Fourplay Fetish Feature, which sees us dedicate a 4-pack of posts to showcasing an author who has intrigued or excited me. This time out I am delighted to introduce you to E.V. Stonebraker, who has made my day by graciously agreeing to stop by for a chat.

♥ Thank you so much for taking the time to join us, E.V. - we are so very delighted to have you! For those readers who have yet to encounter your work, can you give us a brief introduction?

Thank so much for having me, Sally! Pleased as punch to be here, and I don't even know if anyone still uses that phrase. I'm E.V., and apart from being an erotica writer I am also one of the many, many people in Los Angeles with a headshot and an acting resume. I come from a family of creative, hard-working people. Whatever bug bit them bit me too and draws me to pursuits that allow me to make new things out of nothing. I was an orchestra geek in high school, a theatre geek in college, and today I'm just an all-around geek geek. Case in point: if you scroll down my Twitter feed, you'll find a mix D&D and erotica.

I've published about twenty erotic shorts as of this writing, and I've learned that I love the work as much as I love reading it. I am a staunch believer that sex should be a fun and healthy presence in our lives, however public or private you want to be about it, and if my stories allow someone indulge in their fantasies (maybe even discover new ones?) then I'm doing my job as a writer.

♥ D&D and futa erotica - I just may be in love! :)

Seriously, though, where so many authors restrict themselves to lesbian futa stories, you have gleefully embraced the futa-on-male theme. What is it that attracts you to those relationships?

I think they're hot and it's hot to write, next question.

In all seriousness, though, I thought that it was a type of relationship I wanted to explore. I've read a lot of erotica where the woman is the one who is submitting, who is on her knees, who is taking direction, but I wondered about how it would be different if a man gave in. How does the sexual dynamic change when she's penetrating him? Does he retain his manliness? And I argue: why wouldn't he? I can't speak for the men I don't know, but I have friends in my own social circle who are at least a little curious about that side of their sexuality. And I know I can't be the only woman who enjoys the fantasy.

I wanted to make these stories—along with dirty, kinky sex of course—more available on the market.

♥ I love that approach! You also explore BDSM themes and even some step taboos in your stories. If it’s not too personal of a question, where does lifestyle experience end and vicarious fantasy begin and end within your fiction?

I think one of the best aspects of writing with a pen name is that no question is too personal.

My significant other and I have only just began to experiment with some light BDSM, actually. Restraints, blindfolds, very freshman stuff. (For now, anyway.) I think it was writing about those kind of bedroom forays that sparked my own desire.

There are a ton of acting techniques out there, but the one that stuck with me was making the emotions of a character your own. I might not have a hot futa stepsister, but I know what feels like to want someone. To feel temptation for someone I shouldn't. If you write that, and you write truthfully, then even if you're writing about cyberpunk assassins with wire-frame cocks, your readers can still connect and be turned on. That's the hope, anyway.

♥ On that note, I love that you have also written some sci-fi and fantasy themed stories, with the fantasy ones in particular catching my eye. What was it that first prompted you to begin writing in general?

That's the geek geek I was talking about! I'm fairly new to the erotica scene, but I've always been an avid reader and writer. My strongest memories of childhood involved me sitting in the library with stacks of books that I grabbed from the fantasy/sci-fi/horror section. (I remember wishing they wouldn't put them all together like that.) I guess some people would call them airplane novels, but genre fiction my bread and butter. I don't remember what my first story was, but writing was inevitable for that little dreamer in the library. Since then, I've written short stories, fan fiction, for the school paper, for D&D night, and now erotica.

There's probably a box at my parents' house with all of my used-up notebooks in them, now that I think about it.

♥ Did you always intend to publish, or was there a lightbulb sort of moment where you chose to take the leap into the erotica market?

My author bio mentions that I started writing erotica on a dare. What happened was that a friend of mine stumbled into one of those novels on Amazon about a billionaire shifter, which led us down the also bought rabbit hole. She knew I wrote, so she said that I should put those skills to use and make some money. She'll never know that I actually followed up on that suggestion. I wonder if she remembers making it at all.

While money would be nice, after writing my first short, I learned how much I loved writing smut and the creative freedom that comes along with writing under a pen name. I can take steps outside of my comfort zone both in writing and my sexuality. The only creative limitation: make it sexy. For a genre that's famous now for all of its BDSM, erotica has really been about removing the restraints for me. I'm happy I took the leap.

♥ Is there a personal fetish or a fantasy that you have yet to explore in your erotica? Somewhere, maybe, you fear to go?

I've read some gender swap stories that I've found to be intriguing. Two subjects that really interest me are master/slave dynamic and mind control. I like having my characters indulge in their sexuality without feeling shame or being degraded, but they're all willing. So you have willing submission on one hand, but hypnosis takes even the choice away from you. It's taking a big jump to the next level of giving yourself completely, and as dark as that fantasy can be, I want to get into that mindset.

Exploring is one of the things I love about erotica. There are so many fetishes out there, you can run into something you didn't know you were into. It might just be because I'm a vanilla kind of girl.I'm not blaming my Catholic upbringing for this, but it wasn't really until college that whole new worlds opened up for me. Writing erotica has showed me a whole galaxy, and I'm devouring a lot of it.

♥ With reader reviews so crucial to generating exposure, what are some of the weirdest or most wonderful reactions you’ve had from readers?

I'm still looking forward to my weirdest reaction!

I love hearing from readers, though. My first e-mailed me and told me that I had "damn good character lines." I was so proud. Really, every time a reader reaches out to me and tell me how much they've enjoyed my work, I'm floored. You're also a writer, you know how picky the inner critic is. I'm always thinking, well that was crap, this is going to get the hell edited out of it. But my work resonated with this person, and they took the time to reach out to me. I love writing, but external validation is nice to get from time to time. And if my work touched them and made them touch themselves? That's a gold medal plus a trip to Disneyland.

♥ I bet that is a side of Disneyland that most people never see! Before we let you go, what can readers look forward to seeing from you next?

Right now, I can promise my readers a new story every week. Somewhere down the line, I'd like to venture into longer form erotic novels or maybe even romance, but that's so far down the road I can't even see it. Whatever happens, I'm excited to see where this thousand-upon-thousand word sex romp takes us, readers.

♥ Thanks so much for stopping by - I am even more excited about your work now!

E.V. Stonebraker is your everyday struggling artist in the wonderful, secretive, ever-dreaming city of Los Angeles. She started writing erotica on a dare, and she's not looking back. By day, she's just one of the million faces you see on the morning commute. But as soon as the sun sets, E.V. is putting down unspoken, sexy, dirty fantasies in words for your reading pleasure.

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