Tuesday, August 22, 2017

How I Feminised my Husband by Lady Alexa (#femdom #FLR #feminisation)

Even though it often seems as if there is a gaping chasm between fantasy and reality, the truth is that sometimes the line is finer than others might imagine. How I Feminised my Husband is the real-life story of how one woman slowly, carefully, and lovingly led her husband across that line.

Lady Alexa is the real deal, a dominant woman in a female-led relationship, with a forcibly feminised husband. She is, in fact, the very pinnacle of the fantasy, but such was not always the case. As her story reminds us, real-life Dommes and submissives are not born, fully-formed, and knowing exactly what they want, but made patiently over time, through plenty of trial-and-error.

Some readers may be surprised to read how nervous and tentative Lady Alexa was in the early days, and how difficult she found it to talk to her husband about her fantasies, but that is how life works. No matter how naturally dominant someone might be, fear of rejection and worries about the future of an established relationship are something we all cope with. It is a nice fantasy to think that a Domme can simply snap her fingers and have life bend itself to her whims, but that is not how it works.

Lady Alexa weaves a slow, careful, patient tale of moving towards a female-led relationship, complete with forced (yet loving) feminisation. She takes us from an awkward moment of coercing her husband to slip into a pair of knickers, through a long period of experimentation and gradual development. She does not just stand up one morning and insist her husband start wearing woman's clothing - she eases him into it, a little bit at a time, slowly overcoming his reluctance, and making the next step seem like a natural progression, until she has the housewife she has always dreamed of.

Yes, there is some humiliation involved, and Lady Alexa does talk frankly about punishment, but the feminisation of her husband is not about abuse or degradation. It is about taking someone that she loves, living out a fantasy, and transforming them into someone she finds aesthetically pleasing. She also acknowledges the real-life constraints of such a fantasy lifestyle, and talks about how deals with both the female-led relationship and feminisation aspects in public and at family gatherings.

No matter your gender or your role, How I Feminised my Husband is a fascinating read. More than that, it is an empowering read . . . an encouraging read . . . and one that assures us fantasies can indeed become reality.

Alexa Martinez is an author and a blog writer from London England writing under her femdom scene name of Lady Alexa. She is an advocate of female domination and writes about femdom, forced feminisation, gender transformation and male humiliation. Her blog is a true-life account of living in a female led relationship with her submissive feminised husband.


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