Thursday, August 31, 2017

I Forcibly Feminized My Boss… by Hellen N. Ellendale (#femdom #feminization #humor)

I am currently on vacation for a week as I recover from surgery (no, not that surgery - LOL), but I have scheduled a series of reviews and guest posts to keep you reading.

Every so often an author will poke a little fun at the tropes and clichés of forced feminization, but rarely do you come across a story that is so completely subversive. I Forcibly Feminized My Boss… And He Was Surprisingly Casual About the Whole Thing is just as silly as you might expect, and far more clever.

Zoe S. Figueroa, writing here as Hellen N. Ellendale, has crafted what may very well be the best parody of the genre I have ever read. It starts like you might expect, with a young woman looking to blackmail her sexist, chauvinistic boss, but Ricky's reaction is . . . well, completely unexpected. He seems far too amused by the conversation, is refreshingly candid about his embezzlement, and seems rather delighted to go along with whatever she has in mind.

Poor Lily tries her hardest to embarrass and humiliate him, and so desperately looks forward to punishing him for his disobedience, but it never quite works out that way. I giggled and smirked throughout this, enjoying Lily's impotent rage almost as much as Ricky's indulgent experimentation. There is more than one occasion where it seemed like she has finally won out, only to have his reaction be even more absurd than the last one.

I so wish I could give you examples, but you really need to enjoy it for yourself. All I will say is that the restaurant scene at the end is fun, and their return home to a surprise guest is even better, but their final conversation about why she did it all is just about perfect.

Zoe S. Figueroa is an author of erotic stories dealing mostly with themes of gender transformation. If you like stories of men changing into women and women changing into men you'll likely enjoy her stories.


  1. Nice to know that even while being Transgendered we don't have to take ourselves seriously all the time.

    1. Not at all. This was so open minded, and so much fun.