Thursday, August 31, 2017

Master's New Kitten by Dominique Rothford (#maledom #erotica #petplay)

I am currently on vacation for a week as I recover from surgery (no, not that surgery - LOL), but I have scheduled a series of reviews and guest posts to keep you reading.

Aside from an awkward opening (which I will get to in a second), Master's New Kitten was an absolutely sumptuous read, full of seductive sensuality. Dominique Rothford has a wonderful writing style, a love for her characters, and a flair for detail that make the story come alive. It can be hard to create a connection between lovers, especially when one of them is largely limited to kitten-like meows, but she makes us believe in their passion.

It all begins when a bored, lonely Katherine reluctantly slips into her old sexy cat costume. Just as she is heading to her sisters for a Halloween party, though, she gets a call for a job interview . . . and forgets all about the costume. The timing seems a bit odd, and the mental lapse is hard to fathom, but it plays out so well, it is easily forgivable. She does not get the job, but she does get a date - and Alex insists she keep the costume on.

I had so much fun with this story! Katherine is a great character, a young woman looking for a spark of passion and adventure. If she has a kinky bone in her body, she has ever explored it, but she is curious about Alex and his fetishes. As for Alex, he initially seems like your typical alpha millionaire, but he is caring and compassionate, a deliberate lover and a disciplined pet owner. Their exploration of dominance and submission, with an emphasis on pet play rather than traditional bondage, is truly a joy to behold. Katherine has her reservations, but Alex provides her with safewords, and she quickly loses herself in the fantasy.

I know, you are probably wondering how there can possibly be even a hint of romance between a rich Master and the submissive kitten he just met, but Rothford develops the characters as well as she does the scene, completely delighting the reader, and making me wish for a pair of cat ears of my own.
Dominique has been practicing BDSM for the better part of ten years. In her personal life, she's a switch, with experience both topping and bottoming, being the mistress and the pet. She is active in her local BDSM community, and is a devout feminist despite subbing for a male partner.

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