Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mindi Harris’s Ultimate All New Forced Feminization Bundle (#feminization #femdom #humiliation)

Although the stories end a little abruptly, and could definitely benefit from some additional detail, Mindi Harris’s Ultimate All New Forced Feminization Bundle is a lovely sample of her work. Any one of the five could (and, I would argue, should) be expanded into novellas or given sequels, and wanting more is never a bad thing.

Gimmie an A! takes so many adolescent nightmares, and spins them into such an extreme fantasy, that it is almost overwhelming. Here you have an arrogant, conceited college boy, looking to skate by on the strength of his charm, who runs into a professor with a fetish for forced feminization and a classroom full of ex-girlfriends who are only too happy to help. It is an intense, almost brutal story, full of erotic humiliation.

Friend-Zone Feminization is a story told in the first person, directed at the reader as if they were the feminized boyfriend. It is more hints, suggestions, and teasing references than detailed acts of feminization, but it works exceptionally well.

Tricked and Trapped by His Twin is a fun tease, but really more of a scene than a story. There is definite potential there, and a backstory that could be a story all on its own, but to end without actually seeing the feminized brother deal with a night waiting tables as the Breastaurant seems a crime.

The best, most complete story in the collection, is The Cheerleader's Revenge. Here we have a new family coming together, with a father of a teenage son on one time and a mother of two teenage daughters on the other. Ricky is a rude, difficult, angry brat, but when his dad leaves for business, his step-mother takes advantage of that anger to challenge him, tricking him into a deal that promises a semester full of lace and frills.

A Rare Vintage and Window Shopping are a connected pair of stories, with a pair of girls who enjoy encouraging the feminization of young men who are drawn to a vintage clothing shop. The first story is sweet, ending on a note of erotic promise, but the second is cruel, ending with a sissy who gets precisely what he asked for, whether he likes it or not.

Mindi Harris writes stories about ordinary women pushed beyond the breaking point by obnoxious (or worse) men. Her stories focus on reasonable situations, compelling motivations, and plausible circumstances. In other words: no magic, science fiction, or other things that couldn't really happen. She tries to maintain high quality levels: continuity of characterization, spelling, grammar, and richness of narrative.

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  1. Window shopping is the kind of delicious nightmare many of us might have. There is no sex or real physical harm but it's a haunting story. It was almost worth buying the bundle for that story alone.