Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Muffy the Demon Slayer: Who Are You? by Lyka Bloom (#shemale #dollification)

I know I already said as much in my review of Crimson Moon, the first Muffy the Demon Slayer adventure, but I absolutely adore this world that Lyka Bloom has created. Call is parody, call it homage, call it erotic fan fiction, call it whatever you want, but she captures the essence of her character better than most authors who are paid to write in the source material's expanded universe.

This time around, Muffy is up against a demon who asks of his victims, "Who Are You?" while he lays bare their private fears and anxieties. With the gang still dealing with the consequences of the first book, having had their bodies, minds, and personalities forever altered, this new menace is particularly insidious.

I do not want to say any more about the story, as you deserve to enjoy that for yourself. What I do want to talk about is how deeply layered and thoughtful the themes of identity and self-doubt are here. Muffy is dealing with serious body image issues, having become a well-rounded sexpot, rather than a lithe fighting machine. Fern is struggling with the legacy of her uncharacteristic sexual antics, especially as it darkens her perception of how people view her now.

Xavier seems to have it the easiest, having found true love, but he struggles with how to come out to his friends as having a shemale for a girlfriend. When he and Shayla become targets of the demon, how they deal with their innermost doubts and fears regarding gender and sexuality will determine the fate of the entire town.

I will leave it there, at the risk of spoiling anything, but please please please give the Muffy books a read. They are fun, sexy, and clever . . . and easily the most satisfying interpretation of the source material since our televisions faded to black to many years ago.

Lyka Bloom lives and works in Tennessee as a technical writer. She has always enjoyed the exploration of fantasies, from the mundane to the kinky, generally revolving around hypnosis, mind control and transformation.


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