Monday, August 21, 2017

Savagely Swapped & Corporate Plaything by Alyson Belle (#genderswap #erotica)

Savagely Swapped was my introduction to the world of Alyson Belle, and it was a delightful one! Here we have a heroic fantasy, complete with violence and blood, where the strongest of men rule by the right of might . . . but where women, it seems, hold the real power.

Yes, the gender-swap is the centerpiece of the story, placing warrior-king Azlato at the mercy of his well-hung army, but there is more going on here than just that. It is not fully apparent until the final pages, which I will not spoil here, but I loved the cleverly subtle feminist theme interwoven into the story. Even in a world where women are enslaved the used by their captors, there is a power in their sexuality.

To get back to the gender-swap, it is very well done, particularly the way in which Azlato awakens to the physical sensations of his new body, and the manner in which is must come to terms with its magically-assured arousal. A prisoner of both body and mind, he is aware of what is happening, yet powerless to stop it.

There is actually more talking about sex than actual sex to the story, but that is perfectly fine because the real story is in the details surrounding the sex. The sex is hot, and the details are luscious, but Alyson smartly invites us to both think and feel.

Corporate Plaything, the newest story from Alyson Belle, is a wonderfully erotic twist on the old themes of being careful what you wish for.

As the story opens, Edward is sitting in a strip club, too poor to buy a second drink, and yet too infatuated to refuse the lap dance he cannot afford. Having lost his dream job to the new boss' chauvinistic push to fill the office with hot young women, he is stuck working two dead-end jobs, but too proud to admit it to his best friend.

Alyson does a wonderful job of exploring Edward's emotional state, making him a sympathetic character. We feel bad for his plight, and we are saddened that his friendship with Lisa is nothing more - and a strained friendship at that. There are so many ways he could have worded his wish, but I think the phrasing he used opens up a world of possibilities for his future.

Before he gets to that future, however, he must first navigate the challenges of a younger, sexier, amply proportioned feminine figure - all with the help of his lesbian neighbor. Needless to say, the sex here is hot and sumptuously detailed, but Addison is a wonderful character on her own, and I do hope we see more of her in future instalments.

Alyson Belle has had a passion for transformation and body swap stories for as long as she can remember. She now delights in sharing her passion with the world by writing some of the sexiest stories around. With Alyson in control, your hottest fantasy ever is always just a click away...

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