Thursday, August 3, 2017

Serving Mistress: The Complete Bundle by Obedient Submissive

As female domination erotica goes, Serving Mistress: The Complete Bundle is something decidedly unique. It is not just that it takes certain fantasies to the extreme, and neither is it just what those fantasies entail, but it is the mindset and the emotions that make it so intriguing. Proving himself to be aptly named as an author, this is indeed the story of an Obedient Submissive.

Let me deal with the fetishes first, just to set the stage, so that I can focus on the heart of the story. Female domination, male submission, chastity, forced bisexuality, erotic cumplay, and even castration are the predominant fetishes here. In fact, much of the story revolves around a challenge that requires the submissive to orally pleasure 50 men in a month, leading to some heavy-duty bukkake and gokkun, as Mistress requires him to consume every load her lovers provide, and loves showing off his glazed face.

I will not lie - I like that messy aspect. A lot. :)

The submissive bisexual cuck slave in question is utterly devoted to his Mistress, while she is equally devoted to her submissive. They are not married, as that would imply some sort of equality, but he is her primary submissive for life, and she has vowed to never leave him for a bull (as his first Mistress did). They share an emotional bond that her bulls cannot provide, and one that is rarely acknowledged in femdom fiction. In fact, she publicly expresses her love for her subby on several occasions, even as she is wiping multiple loads of cum from his face before an appreciative crowd.

I will not lie - those genuine expressions of love delighted me to no end. :)

As for the subby, he does not consider himself gay, and even states at one point that he hates being shared with her male lovers. Whereas so many of these stories lead to an eventual sort of feminized acceptance, there is no talk of forced feminization here, and he never comes to enjoy pleasing men. He does it, and does it well - so well, in fact, that he trains other submissives for her - but the idea of pleasing other men is never more than "less offensive than the thought of both disappointing Mistress."

Told almost in a confessional, diary-like tone, Serving Mistress: The Complete Bundle lacks some sensory detail in places, but that is okay because of how well it relates the emotional and psychological aspects. It is rare to see a Mistress and submissive who love each other so much, just as it is rare to see a male submissive who is taken to such extremes of cumplay, but the latter only works because of the former. I am definitely curious to see what else Obedient Submissive has to share.

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