Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Shemales And Futas 3 by Thomas Pike (#futa #shemale #lesbian)

If you are a fan of transgender erotica, and you are not already reading Thomas Pike, then you are missing out on something special. Yes, his stories are well-written, sexy, and even surprisingly romantic, what really sets them apart is the imagination.

Shemales And Futas 3 is my latest bundled read of Pike's stories (I do have some catching up to do) but if you are just starting out, then you cannot go wrong with his massive 23 Book Bundle.

The bundle opens with Tying Up The Throbbing Shemale, the most down-to-earth story in the collection. It is a lovely story of a blossoming romance between two women with secret - one is transsexual, and the other used to be a dominatrix. This is a story that has it all, from the dinner date, to the tentative kisses on the couch, to the first fumbling caresses . . . to the handcuffs, the paddle, the pantie-gag, and the strap-on!

Stranded Stiff Soaked Shemale is a very odd story, almost comical in its innocence, but a fantastic read. Pike presents us with a pair of women who awake on a desert island as blank slates. Watching them discover themselves is cute, but watching them discover how a trans woman and a cis woman fit together is glorious. Yes, it is a bit silly, but I loved how they saw one another as equals, with no preconceived notions of gender or sexuality.

Coming up next, Strained Throbbing Shemale Sucked Dry is the absolute best part of the collection, and perhaps even the best story Pike has written. This is a fantasy story, set in a backwards village, involving magic potions, shemales, magical curses, bigoted villagers, magical cures, and vampires. I will leave you to discover it for yourself, but I loved the character, I loved how their relationship developed, and I loved how unique the sex was.

While nothing could top that one, Reaped changes things up considerably, offering a softer, more subtle story upon which to climax. Here we have a wanton young woman who dies after sex, a transsexual Grim Reaper who speaks not a word, but who imparts great advice, and a second chance. The shift in tone, the reflection, and the sorrow are all played well, and the happily ever after is one with meaning.

If, like me, you have already been enjoying Pike's stories, then Shemales And Futas 3 is another must-read. If you are just starting out, however, then allow me to suggest the massive guilty pleasure of his 23 Book Bundle. Get comfortable, grab a second box of tissues, and enjoy.

Thomas Pike is a quiet and reserved fellow, one that you would never expect to write the stories that he does. Whether he is reading or writing, originality and creativity is what he strives for. Tentacles, belly inflation, shrinking, MILFs, parasites, bizarre situations and settings, and hard throbbing peril are just a taste of what he writes!

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