Thursday, August 24, 2017

TG Tales #4 by Crystal Veeyant (#sissy #shemale #femdom)

When TG Tales #3 hit the shelves back in June, it was a welcome surprise from one of my favorite authors of shemale and sissy fetish erotica. Crystal Veeyant had been quiet for while, even talking at one point about pulling her stories from circulation, so new material was a joyous delight . . . which makes the publication of TG Tales #4 absolutely orgasmic.

Bad Girl in Charge is an example of what Crystal does best, a sexy tale that plays with so many taboos it is almost impossible to keep up. George and Vicki are a mismatched couple, an oversexed brute and a docile housewife. When he insists they adopt a homeless transsexual teen, she knows he has an ulterior motive, but what neither of them know is that the young woman (who lied about her age) has ulterior motives of her own. Table are turned, live are changed, and messes are made.

Deep Space Sissy, a sequel to Shemale Planet (one of my favorites), catches up with the highly feminized and oversexed Marika. This is a wild and sexy tale, full of imagination, with multiple sessions of over-the-top group sex between a sissy femmer and her shemale superiors. What elevates the story is the return to Earth and the revelations regarding humanity's origins . . . and our matriarchal future.

His Wife's Dirty Girl is a fun story that seems cruel, but which is really rather sexy and sweet. Sandy and Dan are a couple whose young marriage is already in trouble. When she catches him watching shemale porn, she seizes the moment and catapults them both into a new life of forced feminization, bisexuality, and female domination. Things get wildly out of control very quickly, but it all leads to a happily-ever-after for everyone involved.

If you love watching oversexed sissies being dominated by men, women, and shemales, TG Tales #4 is a wonderful one-handed read.

Crystal Veeyant is the pen name of a pro journalist and author. She loves crossdressers and transsexuals, and delights in casting them in explicit, erotic stories. Her books feature sissies and shemales in dramatic, funny and even heartwarming tales--real literature but with a zesty pornographic bent.


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