Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Lonely Merman by Kay Berrisford (#gay #romance #merman #gothic)

Okay, so I knew from the blurb that I was going to love The Lonely Merman. I mean, a magical ruin, an enchanted pool, and a flamboyant merman with tentacles? Yes, please! What I did not know, however, was how deeply I would fall in love with Lyle, or how deeply I would get lost in the world Kay Berrisford created.

The setting alone is worth the price of admission, a secluded little spot, deep inside the forest, that has remained magically hidden from view for over a century. There is a single tower, seemingly torn from a castle and dropped into the trees, topped by exquisite stone dragons. A little further away there is an even lovelier pond, crystal clear, and prone to unusual aquatic frenzies. Haunting them both is a man by the name of Lyle, a Gothic beauty who is as enchanting as he is enigmatic.

The romance between Lyle and Ben is quite lovely, a slow-burning passion that brings two worlds together. Just as they have found one another, though, the cruel hand of progress threatens to tear them apart, with Lyle's curse promising a sad end to his cursed exile. This is a magical tale, with all the power and excitement of a fairy tale, driven by a love that is sweet, and kind, and just plain delightful. Lyle's story is a sad one, but that mythology is a big part of what makes the story so perfect.

Fittingly, The Lonely Merman is a fairy tale romance full of erotic promise, but with the sex left largely off the page. It is a story that is full of emotion, with a happily-ever-after that will leave you smiling for the rest of the day. Just an altogether lovely read.

Kay Berrisford recently started writing again after a two-and-a-half year hiatus. She writes for herself these days. aiming to fulfil her own fantasies once more, and remembering just how much fun writing could be. What to expect from my her writing?  Her favourite stories contain a ton of humour, fun and fantasy (dragons, fairies, and mermen, anyone?) equally balanced with a strong dose of angst and hurt/comfort, a heavy wad of romance, and a sprinkling of light heat, sex-wise.  So expect this unholy concoction in her 2017 books.

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