Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Transformed: Paris by Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey (#trans #thriller)

Transformed: Paris is the second quirky little thriller from Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey, featuring a romance between a transgender man and his dominatrix girlfriend. It is an unusual sort of story, playing on tensions of both the political and fetish variety, but it is a lot of fun - even when it is trying to decide whether to rip out our hearts or leave them lodged firmly in our throats!

This time around, the action moves from San Francisco to Paris, with Charley and Electra a couple in turmoil. Although deeply in love with one another, Charley keeps pushing for a polyamorous relationship, which ultimately creates the divide that separates our heroes and drives their parallel stories to a shared climax.

Dickie, the lavender haired aristocrat with a debilitating case of shingles, is pure over-the-top, scene-chewing, villainy, while Odile, the elderly milliner who cares for her, is a sweet (and surprisingly noble) delight. Together, they add some much-needed levity to the story, which is entirely odd when you consider there is a Neo Nazi bomb plot afoot. Meanwhile, the heroes who should keep us upbeat and hopeful are so lost in their own relationship that Charley really becomes something of an opportunistic bystander, while Electra becomes a foolish (if well-meaning) victim.

There is a lot here to love, but also a lot to challenge readers. You need to be open to frank discussions about LGBT themes to become invested in the characters, and willing to see some humor in a terrible situation to appreciate the flow of the story. Transformed: Paris is unorthodox, but an entertaining read.

Suzanne Falter is an author, speaker and blogger who over the years has helped more than two million people find their way back to joy. These days she writes fearless stories -- novels about uncommon heroes who overcome the odds, and a memoir about finding her way back to real happiness after the sudden death of her daughter Teal. Her latest fiction series, Transformed, follows a transman spy and a society dominatrix's adventures around the world.

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