Sunday, September 10, 2017

1948 - The Futa Boxing Gym by Moctezuma Johnson (#smutpunk #futa #erotica)

1948 - The Futa Boxing Gym is quintessential smutpunk. It is a ridiculously odd story, full of bizarre, gonzo moments that strain all disbelief, and it simply expects you to accept . . . and carry on. Moctezuma Johnson makes no excuses for his eccentricities, and that is just the way I like it.

Subtitled The Quest for the Magic Jump Rope, this is actually the story of a magic jump rope, powered by the alien scrotum rain of 1948, and imbued with the power to transform women into futas. The only problem is, the rope has become frayed - its magic no longer works, and neither the women of the Futa Gym nor the futanaria gods of another world are happy about it.

That, right there, is the essence of the plot, and it is really all you need. The incredibly well-proportioned athletic beauties, equipped with impossibly large futa tools, will take care of the rest. In fact, this is a smutpunk story with more political savvy and historical acumen than narrative plot, but that is okay as well, because it all works.

Fun, sexy, and a glorious mess all around, 1948 - The Futa Boxing Gym is another smutpunk classic.

Moctezuma mixes cyberpunk, futanari, pop art, comics, splatterpunk, and erotica in a high-pitched gender-bender genre-blender running on high. That's why they call him King Smutpunk. If you want to taste what bestselling author Linzi Basset calls "that imminent euphoria that MJ excels at" then you need to start drinking smutpunk up.

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