Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cuckolded By The Boss by Katt Ford (#lesbian #cuckold #femdom)

Okay, so if you have not noticed by now, I do tend to have a wee fetish for forced bisexuality. There is something about the idea of a straight character submitting to a same sex lover that excites me, especially when it is part of a larger dom/sub relationship.

Usually, when you are talking forced bisexuality and cuckolding, it is the husband who is forced to submit to his wife's male bull. In Cuckolded By The Boss, Katt Ford flips that expectation on its head, presenting us with a wife who is forced to submit to her husband's female boss.

Esme, Lee's boss and Alice's mistress, is a gloriously powerful woman. She is bold, confident, and assured in her sexuality. She is and out-and-proud lesbian, but she loves having straight women bend beneath her will. Their relationship is an incredibly erotic scenario, especially because Alice continues to cling to her heterosexuality, even as she descends deeper and deeper into submissive depravity.

Unlike most hotwife scenarios, however, Lee is not just a chaste, frustrated cuckold. He and Alice remain passionately in love, and the way they combine confession and carnality is delicious. What would be humiliating for other couples is empowering for them, driving them to new heights of passion. She confesses all of her deepest, darkest, most embarrassing submissions, and it only serves to drive them closer together. When Esme ups the ante, however, sharing Alice with her girlfriends one weekend, and then sharing the video evidence with Lee at the office, things really get interesting.

Cuckolded By The Boss is intensely erotic, as much a treat for lovers of lesbian domination as for fans of cuckolding. I loved every humiliating scene, and I cannot wait to indulge in more.

Katt Ford graduated from college and went straight to a boring job as a receptionist. While killing time behind her desk, she began reading erotic fiction on line. Before long, she decided to try her hand at writing it. Katt is an equal opportunity pervert. She likes stories about strong men and strong women, and the people who love them. Is it better to give or to receive? She still can't decide. Katt lives in Western Canada with her extremely open-minded husband and the best cat in the world.

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