Thursday, September 21, 2017

O Captain, My Captor by D.B. Francais (#lesbian #mermaid #romance)

So long as you are okay with the dubious consent issues in the first few scenes, O Captain, My Captor is actually a wonderful bit of erotic fantasy.

Lorelei, a beautiful mermaid and royal princess, awakens to find herself - quite literally - a fish out of water. Captive of the swashbuckling Captain Vine, she does not understand where she is, and cannot comprehend what is happening to her. There is an almost child-like innocence to her that is sweet, but could make some readers uncomfortable, especially as the Captain begins taking inappropriate advantage.

Accepting that this is a fantasy, I trusted in where things were going and found myself fascinated with how beautifully D.B. Francais describes her introduction to pleasure. Not only is Lorelei a mermaid and a virgin, but until the moment her drying tail magically splits into a pair of legs, she never had the equipment for pleasure. While Captain Vine definitely does take advantage of that innocence - I nearly died when she promised kissing her nether lips is a traditional greeting! - she is never cruel or mean-spirited. In fact, she takes great delight in introducing her mermaid captive to the concept of orgasm.

Fortunately, that sense of innocence is carried through the entire story, with Lorelei literally having no concept of what is around her. She has never experienced the human word, and many of the words that Captain Vine uses are pure gibberish to her. It is when the Captain comes to understand how deep her alienation is that the story really begins to move forward. Sure, Lorelei is still a captive, chained at the ankle to keep her from leaping overboard, but a friendship develops that allows their erotic escapades to move into the realm of something akin to BDSM romance.

This is not just a story of sex on a ship, though - it is a wonderful fantasy adventure with a real story behind it. O Captain, My Captor was an unexpected delight, and I do so look forward to the next three books in the series.
D.B. Francais loves complex characters, easy banter, and kinky situations, and can be contacted at for those who wish to send fan mail or suggestions for later episodes, discuss possible writing commissions, or just say hi.

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