Saturday, October 28, 2017

A Trick and a Treat by Christopher Martin (#futa #bisexual #halloween)

Next up in our celebration of Paranormal Perversions and Halloween Whores, Christopher Martin offers up A Trick and a Treat of shemale Halloween candy.

In The price of Lust we are introduced to Diana and Kyle, a pair of lovers who are attending their friends' annual Halloween party. When they decide to enjoy a little private time in the basement of the dilapidated old mansion, a hidden door introduces them to the unearthly pleasures. This was a sexy tale, although it moves a little fast, and jumps between erotic pairings a bit too often. The final scenes, though, make it all worth it, leaving us with a chilling, yet erotic cliffhanger.

A Halloween treat is a completely different story, but I absolutely adored the way it played out. It all takes place in a subway car, with a tipsy skeleton boy and a lonely young woman. She only reveals the secret in her panties to scare him away, but he is intrigued, excited even, and forces an erotic confrontation. It all makes for a sweet, exceptionally sexy story, with the promise of future pleasures still to come.

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