Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Announcing Alpha Surrender & Alpha Transformation

It had been fifty years since the bridge had last represented anything meaningful. Fifty years since the city on the other side had been targeted by the Church for refusing to join in the new faith, and for refusing to denounce all those who believed otherwise. It was meant to be the start of a war to end all wars, a final strike against the forces of pagan terrorism, but the Church has instead become a terrorist state of its own, cut off from the rest of the world, and banished to suffer under its own darkness.

There was no line between the twin cities, just a wandering edge of airborne debris. It was a buffer of eternal gloom that separated their countries, a land tainted by the poisons of the failed holy crusade. Disease and pestilence ran rampant among those sinners cast out and neglected by the Church Communal States, while legend and myth were said to lurk in defense of Pagan Provinces.

Neither Alexander nor Stephen had ever really bought into the mythology of the north - not like their spouses did - but it was the only hope they had left. The bridge had been one of the first things to fall during the abbreviated war, collapsed not by the Church, but by the Beast - or so it was said - to keep them on their own side of the chasm. With their loves dying, Stephen and Alexander must each risk his own life in crossing that barrier in search of the Beast, to whom he must perform the ultimate surrender if he is to obtain the cure.

One of the most dangerous questions a writer can ask of themselves is "what if?" but that is precisely what gave rise to the twin novellas, Alpha Surrender and Alpha Transformation.

I won’t tell you which came first - I will leave that up to you to ponder, should you choose to give both stories a read. What I will tell you is that, gender differences aside, they remain the same story at heart, with the same theme of an Alpha male surrendering his sense of self in an intimate act of pure, heartfelt love.

To be honest, I’m not sure which story I prefer. Alpha Transformation is the kind of story that most readers would expect of me, with an Alpha male’s love for his transsexual wife leading to an act of surrender that will change them both. This one features futa-on-male domination and some creative gender bending.

Alpha Surrender is a story I am just as excited about, with an Alpha male’s love for his husband leading to an act of surrender that will change their future together. This one features male-on-male domination and some inventive scenes of erotic submission.

Writing them in parallel made both stories stronger, and I think - I hope - the experience has made me a better writer. I hope you enjoy.

Alpha Surrender is a post-apocalyptic m/m story of erotic love and submission. It is available as a stand-alone purchase from Smashwords.

Alpha Transformation is a post-apocalyptic TG story of erotic love and submission. It is available as a stand-alone purchase from Smashwords.

Both titles are available as a bundled edition from Amazon.

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