Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bride's Futa Surprise Collection by Relm Jayne (#futa #femdom #bisexual)

Relm Jayne is a relatively new name in the erotica genre. The fact that she has joined Reed James under the Naughty Ladies Publications umbrella is exciting enough, but when I saw the words 'Futa-on-Male' on her titles, I knew I had to give her a read. While she already has decent library under her skirt, I decided to start with her first bundle, Bride's Futa Surprise Collection.

Christabella's story begins in Wedding Day Transformation with a wedding day visit from Denise of Designer Genes. The perky blonde is not only there to inject her with their revolutionary nanites, but to test her new futa functionality in a rather intimate manner. This is such a fun story, frantically told, with each sexual escapade topping the one before it. It is hot - so very, very hot - and it breaks a major taboo along the way.

Futa Bride's Naughty Reception begins just moments after the wedding, with Christabella's futa pheromones leading her to break another taboo. As if the transformation and testing were not hot enough, this one quickly gets kinky as she learns just what her new futa equipment can do to men and women alike. The level of detail is exquisite, the pacing is delightful, and the wanton tone is absolutely delicious.

As much fun as the wedding party was, it is the Futa Bride's Wedding Night itself that we have been waiting for, and in the third chapter it is finally time for hubby to get a taste. There is a lot of anticipation here, a great tease of seduction on the way to the honeymoon suite, and the big reveal of Christabella's new equipment is everything a reader could hope for. The science of her futa pheromones guarantees Braidy will be eager to please, but his reactions are still the most genuine of any of her lovers.

My only complaint is that I kind of wish Christabella had saved herself for her husband, making his cherry the first she popped (yes, I am romantic that way!), but that would have meant missing out on all the taboo fun, and that was a lot of fun, so I really cannot complain too much. :)
Relm is a naughty girl that wants to share her sexy stories of sultry futas! Girls with dicks spray their creamy passion across the pages of her stories! Writing in her private lair, a glass of wine at hand, Relm unleashes her naughty, futa fantasies upon the world! So if you like your women hot, sexy, and packing huge cocks, then you'll love Relm's stories!


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