Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Candy's Halloween by Kella Z. Driel (#erotica #transsexual #lesbian)

What do you get when you cross a pair of over-sexed transsexual lovers with a lesbian coed with a fetish for exhibitionism? Well, if is Candy's Halloween by Kella Z. Driel, then what you get is lesbian transsexual party time!

This story was so much fun, wild, kinky, and completely uninhibited. Candy and Kelly are a delicious couple, best friends who love the secrets tucked into each other's panties. Sappho is even more fun, a self-proclaimed lesbian who pretends to be annoyed by her roommate's transsexual antics . . . but who loves to watch, even going so far as to have Candy masturbate several times a day for her sociology experiments. Uh-huh. Yeah. Sure.

It all comes to a head (no pun intended) on Halloween night, when they hit the campus sorority parties, get a little drunk, and reveal a few more secrets. As always, Kella tells an exceptionally sexy story, full of erotic detail, with a good bit of humor and imagination.
Kella Z. Driel is a top-selling author of transgender, lesbian and other erotic romance. Her stories range from contemporary college campuses to the mythological past and a thundering, awestruck future. Her tagline is “transgressive romance for a kinky world” and it shows in each new release.



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