Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Shorts: Four All New Frightening First Time Feminization Sexy Stand Alone Stories by Mindi Harris (#feminization #femdom #halloween)

I was fortunate enough to get an early peek at the new Halloween Shorts from Mindi Harris, and I can honestly say they are Four All New Frightening First Time Feminization Sexy Stand Alone Stories worth enjoying as the magical night draws near.

Tricked by My Twin and Forced to Take Her Place as a Sexy “Breastaurant” Waitress is a fun story of . . . well, let us call it encouraged feminization, a double cross, blackmail, and some additional very forced feminization. The initial costuming scene is quite delightful, and the twists the story takes in the first half are fun, but it is the epilogue where it gets really kinky.

Easily the creepiest story in the collection, Spectral Sex Change—The Pompon Poltergeist opens on an extraordinarily dark note, and then wastes no time getting spooky. It is a story of forced feminization from within, as the ghost of his victim pushes him towards a confession. It is a short story, but packs a powerful impact.

Professor Mortimer’s Mind Control Machine is a b-movie slice of erotic science fiction, complete with a mad scientist, a bimofication machine, and a kinky group of sorority girls. There is a lot of detail in just a few pages, with a lot of the sexiest and most chilling details almost glossed over. You really have to pay attention to appreciate the implications, but it is one story that Mindi could revisit and have a lot of fun with.

Finally, The Tell Tale Locket: The Cost Of A Stolen Legacy, is one of those stories that just keeps building upon the original deceptions. The magical transformation is overnight, but it is in the adjustment to a new life of femininity where Mindi shines, and I loved the way the story of why it all happened played out.

Mindi Harris writes stories about ordinary women pushed beyond the breaking point by obnoxious (or worse) men. Her stories focus on reasonable situations, compelling motivations, and plausible circumstances. In other words: no magic, science fiction, or other things that couldn't really happen. She tries to maintain high quality levels: continuity of characterization, spelling, grammar, and richness of narrative.

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