Saturday, October 21, 2017

Paranormal Perversions & Halloween Whores - Halloween is Cumming!

Well, bois and gurls, Halloween is coming, so get your costumes ready and join me as we spend 10 days indulging in spooky, sexy, horrific, Halloween themed reads. The kinkiest holiday of the year, it is the one day we can all indulge our secret desires, hidden identities, and closely-held fetishes without fear of scorn or ridicule.

Even if we know better, the excuse that it is "just a costume" works wonders. In fact, it got me through several years of Halloween outings as Sally at the office . . . where I just shrugged and smiled when coworkers commented on how well I walked in heels!

I have a ton of great new books to share with you, but I know you are all anxious to get reading, so let us start with a recap of some of my favorite Halloween reads over the last few years.

Curse of the Were-Woman by Dawn Carrington
The story starts innocently enough with some sexy costumes and swapping of stories on Halloween, but when a jilted lover falls prey to a succubus who sucks the masculinity from her victims, erotic transformation is in store.

The Freshman's Curse by J.B. Rogers
The Halloween party is really only one small part of the story, but I adore what Rogers did with the whole question of gender (identity & expression), and in exploring the line between mere BDSM and true dominance/submission.

Halloween Humiliation by Kylie Gable
While not strictly a Halloween tale, this is a story that certainly takes advantage of the season, with an emphasis more on humiliation than actual feminization. The whole story has a seductive approach that keeps things realistic, but fulfills all of our fantasies.

Made Maidenly: Halloween French Maid Sissy by Claire Bear & Courtney Captisa
With Halloween being the official crossdresser holiday, there are those who crave that one day of social acceptance, and those who desire to take advantage of it. There is a little bit of both here, with the scenes of feminization very well done . . . and a dark twist in the latter half.

Master's New Kitten: Becoming His Pet by Dominique Rothford
It all begins when a bored, lonely woman reluctantly slips into her old sexy cat costume, only to get called in for an impromptu job interview. She does not get the job, but she does get a date - and he insists she keep the costume on.

See: Guys Become Sissies by Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear
Two complete strangers awake to find themselves locked inside a strange apartment, overseen by a creepy porcelain doll who enforces rules of the game . . . which involve a series of ten forced feminization tasks. Definitely dark, and more nightmare than fantasy, but a lot of fun.

Slumber Party Succubus by Sakura von Sternberg
Absolutely sumptuous language and exquisite descriptions explore the terrifying sexual dominance and delightful sensual submission, with the fear and the drama serving to accentuate the lust and the excitement

Trick and Treat 3: The Student Witch by Lyka Bloom
A haunted mansion, a Halloween curse, and four friends in search of adventure results in a fun story, full of magic and mystery, with a fantastic attention to detail. The mansion undergoes as many transformations as the intruders, and the way fantasies come to life is quite delightful.

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