Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Maze: A TG Romance by Josh Randell (#halloween #romance #trans)

There is nothing horrific or humiliating about The Maze: A TG Romance, which makes it a wonderfully refreshing Halloween tale. Instead, Josh Randell uses the pending holiday to bring his lovers together, and then follows through on the holiday itself to explore a perfect date-night scenario.

Even at forty-two, with a daughter all grown up and living in another state, Adam still loves Halloween. With several invitations in hand, he dresses up in some medical scrubs, splashes fake blood all over them, and hits the bar. It is there that he first notices the naughty nurse by the dartboard, but it is not until later in the night that Heather returns from her group's bar-hopping to properly introduce herself.

For the next week, the two of them date like a pair of teenagers, talking on the phone every night, hitting the clubs, and just snuggling together under the stars. When they make more intimate plans for Halloween night, Heather anxiously confesses her transgender secret, clearly prepared for rejection, but Adam just smiles and confirms he will pick her up at seven.

The Maze is such a sweet, romantic story. For a fellow Halloween lover like myself, their big date night is absolutely perfect, from the fun of the spook house to the intimate explorations deep in the corn maze. The latter is sexy and explicit, but tender and erotic as well. Adam and Heather love everything about one another, and rather than being something to be dealt with or worked around, her gender just becomes part of their love making. It made me smile, even as it made my heart flutter.

Josh started writing his stories because he wanted to read them, and couldn't find any that fit his desires. All his stories involve MtF trans women and a man that falls for them. He likes the femininity of transsexual women, the way they try harder to be feminine, and seem more proud of their status than a natural born woman. He's not old fashioned in terms of gender roles, but does believe in manners and chivalry.


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