Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Wall Street Domme by S.L. Hendrickson (#femdom #lesbian #bdsm)

With technological details such as Walkie Talkies and PalmPilots, misogynist attitudes towards working women, and a fetish/escort industry still in its infancy, all The Wall Street Domme is missing is a grunge soundtrack to stake its claim on the early 90s. Fortunately, with a Wall Street client base, there is no grunge, overalls, or Doc Martens to be seen. In fact, S.L. Hendrickson weaves a story that is a wonderfully progressive bit of erotic nostalgia, and one that empowers women of any age.

This is a story that takes Marilyn from Wall Street to the streets, and from boardrooms to bedrooms. It seems her go from being a sexually frustrated virgin, to a sexually satisfied woman with control over her own orgasms, to a power-hungry dominatrix. It is sex-positive and LGBT friendly, with an emphasis on lesbian relationships - one in particular that drives Marilyn's transformation.

There is a little something here for lovers of all flavors of female domination, including bondage, punishment, oral worship, pegging, and mutual masturbation. The physical and emotional details are fantastic, and the dialogue is deliciously erotic. Marilyn comes to love the power she has over others, to take sexual satisfaction from it, but she also gives something back, making these men and women feel special. I loved how she managed the balance between professional boundaries and personal affections, and made every client - regardless of size, scarring, or role - feel appreciated and desired.

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