Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trick and Treat 4 by Lyka Bloom (#halloween #feminization #hucow)

For her 4th Trick and Treat erotic adventure, Lyka Bloom once again takes us back onto the mysterious, magical halls of Wyrmwood House. Those of us who have previously enjoyed her Halloween exploits will certainly recognize favorite characters or rooms in the house, but fear not if this is your first visit, for you will feel just as welcome. In fact, you may never leave . . .

There is not a lot I can say about this without spoiling the fun, but the pairing of Dorothy with her student from last year's adventure makes for a fun twist. The house is still a creepy place of wonder, a true haunted house that is impossibly large on the inside, and where  one door never leads the same place twice. Once again, it is a divide and conquer scenario, and allowing themselves to be separated is the last mistake these kids will ever make.

Your want forced feminization? You got it. You want a stable full of hucows? You got them. You want giggling, gelatinous bimbos? You can have them too. Oh, and if you are seeking a new pet, wait around . . . I am sure the ladies can take care of you.
Lyka Bloom lives and works in Tennessee as a technical writer. She has always enjoyed the exploration of fantasies, from the mundane to the kinky, generally revolving around hypnosis, mind control and transformation.


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