Wednesday, November 1, 2017

DOLLI: He Became a Fembot Maid by Mindi Flyth

Be careful what you wish for. Author Mindi Flyth has written another sexy tale in her riveting work, DOLLI: He Became a Fembot Maid, a full-length, and very adult sci-fi fantasy, set sometime in the not too distant future. In this work, author Flyth delves into some of the darkest corners of human sexuality.

A very successful and very bored porn entrepreneur named Frankie Shell is a man harboring a secret. In each porno film he shoots he fantasizes that he is actually the female lead playing opposite to and pleasing the male co-star. Frankie’s suppressed desires are finally getting to be too much for him and he begins to express an ugly and surly side to his personality.

The tables are soon turned on Frankie by his girlfriend and he soon finds himself thrown into his own fantasy, and then some. In a titillating transformation sequence Frankie’s mind is forced to inhabit a stunning female fembot body.  In what could only be described as a very sexually provocative and titillating nightmare, Frankie’s mind gets uploaded into the body of a curvaceous and beautiful blonde robot babe. A kind of “Vulcanesque” mind meld reprograms him to become the woman of his fantasies.

Frankie soon learns that he has become the object of a nefarious conspiracy driven by his girlfriend to steal not only his manhood, but his financial fortune. Now trapped in the body of a busty and voluptuous Fembot, Frankie experiences what life is like serving others and as the literal sex object to the fickle whims of his girlfriend/mistress. Frankie, now a sex machine who has been transmogrified into a new being who also cooks, cleans and makes love like he only imagined in his wildest fantasies, becomes locked in a life or death struggle with his imprisoned “Frankie-mind”. In an attempt to break free from his fate, a horror sequence brings it all to a stunning conclusion. Will Frankie escape the clutches of his mistress? Will he even want to? Find out in DOLLI: He Became a Fembot Maid.

Mindi Flyth is an eBook author who specializes in dark, erotic stories featuring transgender transformations. Her other obsessions include giantesses and shrinking, bimbofication, breast expansion, inanimate object transformation, age regression, muscular women, pregnancy, unbirthing and more.

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