Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Double Boomerang Vol.1 by Mercedes Quinn

Having gotten to know Mercedes Quinn a little bit over the past few months, and knowing how much work she put into Double Boomerang Vol.1 A Tale of Revenge Gone Wrong, I really wanted to like it. It sounded like an interesting concept, and it really does have serious potential, but the execution is somewhat awkward.

Early on, this reads like a script - or like the narrative bubbles for a graphic novel that has yet to be illustrated. It is told in the present-tense, with short sentences, and an emphasis more on action than description. About a third of the way through, though, it changes, taking on more of a short story feel, and it switches to the past-tense. Unfortunately, the mistakes with spelling, grammar, and word choices continue to be distracting.

If you persevere and stick with it through all that, there is a very kinky story here of capture, bondage, punishment, forced feminization, and mind control (or conditioning). There are some very inventive scenarios in Christian's transformation, and he is subjected to some innovative equipment in his journey to Christina. Sexually, it makes for a very exciting story, and one that is a lot of depraved fun.

Double Boomerang Vol.1 has a lot of potential, and Mercedes Quinn is a creative author with a lot of imagination, but this could benefit from the polish of an editor.

Mercedes Quinn knew at 13 that she was in the wrong body and withdrew into herself because her mother came in on her while shaving her body hair away. She has been introverted for nearly 30 years of her life. After seeing shows like Jerry Springer, she realized that she was a Transgender woman."

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