Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Married to a BBC Addict by Mistress Victoria & Obedient Submissive (#sissy #cuckold #femdom)

I have been intrigued by Mistress Victoria and her Obedient Submissive for a while now. I love the idea of a dominant woman who tries everything with her submissive husband before writing about it, and even if the stories themselves are fiction, knowing that there are real life experiences behind them is very exciting.

Married to a BBC Addict opens with Sarah taking her husband to an adult novelty store, where she has a very frank conversation with the clerk about strap-ons, chastity, and training her husband to share her love of BBC. It is a wonderfully humiliating scene, but loving rather than cruel. The chapters that follow are short, but they paint an interesting picture of a female-led relationship with a feminized hubby. Where the story really comes alive is with Robert's introduction to forced bisexuality and BBC submission.

The second book in the collection continues taking us through their unique lifestyle, about which Sarah and Robert are remarkably open. It also introduces the reader to Jessica, Sarah's sister, who is eager to follow in her footsteps. Having had a taste for what the future could hold, she steps to the forefront of the third story, dragging her boyfriend along with her. Andrew's reluctant makes for an interesting contrast with Robert's enthusiasm, while Jessica's harsher edge reinforces the positive eroticism of Sarah. The focus here is less on experimentation and more on training, forcing a relationship rather than guiding it, but it is entertaining.

The last book in the collection is probably my favorite, exploring so much of what was glossed over in the first. Here we get to see a gloriously decadent wedding and a debauched honeymoon, uniting a cuckoldress, her sissy, and her bull in an erotic relationship. I loved all the little details here, especially the dialogue, and have to admire the extremes to which Mistress Victoria & Obedient Submissive take the climax. Married to a BBC Addict is a fantastic story that is not afraid to indulge itself in the wildest corners of fetish and imagination, and which does so with a happy sense of style.

Mistress Victoria is a young author of erotic fiction largely based on her life experiences with her long time obedient submissive husband. Based in New York City, she loves to entertain and humiliate her little subby by pushing his boundaries. Before committing to writing a story, she will try to test nearly everything on her obedient submissive – as long as it doesn’t leave a permanent mark. (Other than the tattoos she has already used to mark her property.)

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