Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Queer Sci Fi Reading Recommendations (#trans #intersex #nonbinary)

While I am distracted for a few days (it is crazy season at work), I thought I would share with you some reading recommendations from the Queer Sci Fi group.

If you are not following along, it is a great group of authors and readers, with discussion space on the website as well as a discussion group on Facebook.

While a lot of the conversation tends to be around M/M and bisexual fiction, there was a great discussion last month on Favorite Intersex Characters, and there have been several discussions on Writing Transgender Characters and Writing Non-Binary.

A few of the books that have come up in those discussions include (in no particular order):

There is a nice mix of genre (sci-fi/fantasy/horror) and contemporary there, covering the entire age spectrum from YA to adult erotica. Check out some new books, and be sure to join in on the Queer Sci Fi conversation.

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