Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Discipline Factory by Kivutar Amy Koski (#bdsm #femdom)

Wow, this was intense. A little too heavy on the sadomasochism for my tastes, and it never quite went into the pegging I was hoping for, but it played very well to my latex/rubber fetish and my love of restraints.

The Discipline Factory is an old Victorian prison in the Scottish countryside, restored to its high security splendor, but modified to accommodate the unique needs of its paying prisoners. Run by an army of rubber-clad Dominatrices, it is a place where men pay ridiculous sums of money to be dominated, placed into chastity, and punished - repeatedly and often severely.

Kivutar Amy Koski's love for the material shines through, with a level of detail that is almost as sumptuous as its variety. You would think that all the whipping and caning would become repetitive at some point, but there is always a new detail or twist, both in the motivations of the women and the response of the men. It is a story that appears cruel and violent on the surface, but there is an emotional undercurrent that makes it clear all parties enjoy their time together. It takes a while for the punishments to drive the men into subspace, but having passed through the pain and into that magical realm myself, I can honestly say it rings true.

It is the secondary story line that really excited me, with a young woman discovering her inner Dominatrix and rubber fetishist as she gleefully pursues her revenge against the man who ended her career. Together, they really bring the story to life, making the intensity of the other guest/prisoners a little bit more accessible for less fetishistic readers.

In addition to the beatings, there are some glorious methods of restraint used in the story, with the vacuum bed and dildo mask particular favourites. It is a story that has no actual sex, no penetration, and no barely a glance of naked female flesh, but the oral worship and face-sitting scenes are as erotic as they come . . . or is should that be cum? The writing is superb, gorgeously detailed, with dialogue that is stern and sparse by necessity, but never stale or clichéd.

It is no accident I write the things I do: both my husband and I have a terrible weakness for BDSM, femdom and rubber (especially rubber). We have converted one of the haylofts into a fully-equipped punishment/play room, with a flogging horse, vacuum bed, milking stool and restraint spider to name but a few. I can assure you I have the best behaved husband it is possible to imagine! His face is a mixture of fear and desire when I tell him to fetch the key, unlock the playroom and await my pleasure. I write a good deal, it is hard work but I love it and there are those who say I have a talent. I write other more conventional historical romances (with a twist), under another name - it serves to keep the literary establishment at bay.

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