Monday, December 18, 2017

Feminized and Pretty 1 by Lady Alexa (#femdom #feminization #CNFM)

Patrick was a struggling musician when he caught the eye of Elizabeth Remington. What he saw was a wealthy woman that he could use and discard. What she saw was a malleable man that she could control. While it was always her plan for her new husband to be Feminized and Pretty, his moment of indiscretion accelerates the time-table for him to be force-feminized by a vengeful wife.

Lady Alexa always tells a great story of female domination, with exquisite details of forced feminization, but this time are a few important twists. First, there is the fact that Elizabeth always intended to feminize her husband, rather than it developing out of some sort of punishment. I like a woman who knows what she wants, and I love a woman who knows that what she wants is a sissy husband. Second, Patrick's intention to take advantage of her makes him worthy of that punishment, which removes all guilty, all reservation, all moral restraint. It is so much more fun when a woman has free reign to put her plans into action.

It is hard to decided which I liked better here - Patrick's naked home life, or his feminized work life. The clothed-female, nude-male aspect of the former is fun, but is does not compared to his penis being permanently on display in the latter. He is an extremely reluctant sissy who fights against his transformation every step of the way, but Elizabeth is a cunning businesswoman, and she has surrounded him with women who have been set-up to exploit his humiliation. It makes for a rather dark story, with a leading couple that is half desperate and half cruel, but Elizabeth's slow breaking of Patrick's masculine facade is wonderful.

Feminized and Pretty is a well-detailed, plausible, cautionary sort of tale that mixes tension with eroticism, and which has a wonderful twist in the final chapters that sets up the second book.

Alexa Martinez is an author and a blog writer from London England writing under her femdom scene name of Lady Alexa. She is an advocate of female domination and writes about femdom, forced feminisation, gender transformation and male humiliation. Her blog is a true-life account of living in a female led relationship with her submissive feminised husband.

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