Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Feminized Cuckold by Ann Michelle (#cuckold #femdom #feminization)

If you are looking for a quick spank-bank erotic read, something mindless and kinky to burn through in a few minutes, then you should really look elsewhere. If, however, you are looking for a full-length novel that will get inside your head and mess with your emotions, then Feminized Cuckold is absolutely fantastic.

Ann Michelle is a wonderfully literate author, someone who writes with both passion and skill. She demonstrates a knack for character building here that is almost as delicious as her increasingly erotic scenarios of humiliation. When I say erotic, I mean just that - this is a stimulating read, one that will excite appreciative readers immensely, but it is largely non-sexual. There is the suggestion (or even the threat) of sex throughout, but that is not the point of Paul's journey.

As for Paul, he is a fantastically complex character. He starts out as the kind of arrogant jerk you love to hate, one we are more than happy to see broken and humiliated, but he soon becomes someone with whom we sympathize, and (as Paula) someone we very much want to see find happiness. So much of this book depends on him, and he is worthy of our attention. The ways in which he struggles, both emotionally and physically, are absolutely fascinating. His forced feminization is gradual, and while we get a sense of just how much his wife has planned ahead, Paul just sees a series of opportunistic events.

Readers should be cautioned that this is not a crossdressing fantasy or a bit of spousal role play. This is the very definition forced feminization, a cruel story in which Paul resists at every stage, and resents almost every new advance. He is a prisoner in his own marriage, and a slave to his wife's humiliating plans. Carrie gets him so accustomed to increasingly higher heels that he begs not to wear flats because of the pain they cause him, and so used to the feel of skirts and dresses that he cries at the threat of pants that he had once begged to wear. She also uses mental tricks to have him believing he wanted his nails painted and his makeup done, putting him in situations where there is no good answer to the questions she asks of him.

The mental and intellectual aspects of Paul's isolation alone are fascinating, with that alienation from the rest of the world having almost as much of an impact as heels, dresses, painted nails, and all the rest. As his wife slowly cuts off his access to their bank account, newspapers, magazines, and television, he finds his world shrinking down to the fashion magazines she buys him and his weekly trips to the grocery store. By the time she begins inviting people by the house, the last thing he wants is to be seen or to be forced to interact with people who once knew him . . . and might be able to save him. And yet, despite all that, there is something within him that responds to all the abuse, a secret driving force that causes him to become embarrassingly aroused by the humiliation.

Having his wife cuckold him with his best friend seems like it would be the final indignity, but Ann Michelle twists even that, bringing the story around to some developments I honestly did not expect. A lot happens in the final few chapters, allowing us to appreciate the full depth of Carrie's cruelty, and we do get a satisfying resolution to Paula's story arc. Feminized Cuckold may not necessarily be the story you expect going in, but it is one you will appreciate all the more for the surprises.

When I was young, there wasn't much TV/TG fiction, and often, what I found had little to do with feminization or just wasn’t very interesting. So I started writing my own stories. Now I’ve decided to share those stories with you. My goal is to provide you with high-quality, creative, interesting, and exciting stories. I hope you love these stories as much as I do.


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  1. Thank you for such a wonderful review, Sally! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.