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Interview with decaMeron of Amazing Transformation Comics (#trans #comics #bdsm #scifi)

I have had several readers ask when they might see more comics, graphic novels, and illustrated stories featured on the site, so I hooked up with Amazing Transformation Comics to bring you some pre-holiday delights.

This week decaMeron has graciously agreed to stop by this morning for an interview to keep the fun going. I will be following up with a review of one of his comics, More Than Human, this afternoon, so stick around!


♥ Thank you so much for taking the time to join us, decaMeron - we are so very delighted to have you! Can you give us a brief introduction?

First let me thank you for this opportunity you gave me, I have to admit that I’m really excited at the idea of being interviewed about my comics production. So let’s start from the beginning: who is decaMeron xXx? I can tell you that decaMeron was born 5 years ago as a personal experiment: I tried to share on the web my own kinky and erotic fantasies in the form of 3D comics and see if someone would ever like them. The web just gave me the opportunity to share a part of me that was not so easy to share in real life. Since I was a teenager, a lot of time ago (sigh), I always drew comics depicting my own fantasies without any type of censorship and, well, you can imagine how my parents reacted when they found those drawings. But I never considered myself a “pervert” or a “weirdo” because I always thought that everyone has the right to be free to express his own fantasies, even the most extreme and perverse.

So decaMeron is somehow more than an alias, he is the incarnation of my kinky side, he really lives those fantasies for me and I think that this is why he had some success during these years. At first, when I gave him life, I never thought that so many people, women, men and all other genders, would enjoy my comics, write me for custom kinky pics and finally buy my comics and support me. Thanks to my fans and their feedback, and thanks to my publisher at Amazing Transformation Comics, in these years I went even further beyond my personal limits discovering and depicting sexual fantasies that I was not aware of when I started my production. I think that get my fans astonished and excited every time they discover one of my new work is the most rewarding aspect of being decaMeron!

♥ While self-publishing has almost become the standard for authors, comics almost demand a different platform. What was it that attracted you to Amazing Transformation Comics?

When Wendy of Amazing Transformation Comics contacted me some years ago to ask me if I was interested in becoming one of their authors I was so excited and grateful for that opportunity. From the first comic I published with them, Planet Stiletto, I started to enjoy their expertise in every aspect of the publishing process. They offer a really solid platform to comic authors with one of the best visibility on the net in their fetish niche and they always gave me support when I needed (like, for example, take a look on my English that is not my mother language, as you can easily guess :)).

Last but not least they offer one of the best revenue rating for authors and they pay always in due time. I agree with you that self-publishing is a great alternative that works mainly for standard authors, also adult oriented authors, but I think that when people want to buy an erotic comic, they still search for a platform that guarantees the quality of the product, just like A.T.C. does.

♥ Oh, completely agreed - comics demand a different platform that appreciates the format. Is there anywhere else that readers can find your work?

decaMeron xXx has his own site at where people can find a lot of additional free material. I'm used to creating short erotic “webcomics” that I publish on my site for free and (in early access) on my Patreon page for my patrons. Usually  the webcomics are short kinky stories that don’t fit for a complete comic or deal with a different fetish genre compared to which you can find at A.T.C.

♥ Your work regularly features a sci-fi setting, with themes of BDSM and female domination, and you are one of the few creators to have explored cuckolding. If it’s not too personal of a question, where does lifestyle experience end and vicarious fantasy begin within your own comics?

Well, let's start saying that I’m obviously a big fan of BDSM and sci-fi. I can tell you that, before starting my collaboration with A.T.C. I mainly worked on comics with male domination or lesbian D/s themes. The first short comic I’ve done that explored some kind of F/m domination and male transformation is "S.P.E.R.M. – The Feminization of Atena" (you can still find it on my site) that talks about a cute alien femboy who makes a virtual reality experience in which she begins being a boy and then is turned into a submissive sissy girl by a group of dominant women.

[I spent some quality time on the site this week - The Dangerous Collars & Lust Hunters were especially fantastic!]

After the success of this short comic I started thinking that this genre was one of the most requested, maybe because it’s still perceived as something more weird and kinky that the classic M/f situation. After that A.T.C. asked me to work more on this type of comics and so the Planet Stiletto series born with a lot of stories of human males kidnapped and turned into sissies or girls by sexy Alien dominatrixes. In realizing those comics I got in touch with all the literature and material related with female domination, transsexualism, transvestism, feminization and discovered a world of possibilities in which cuckolding was one of the countless shades that could make my comics more immersive and exciting for my readers that love this genre. So I sure that I’m not going to disappoint any of my fan admitting that there’s no real lifestyle experience behind my comics but there’s a continuous work of research, imagination and open mindedness to get mentally and emotionally connected with all the characters of my comics.

♥ On that note, is there a personal fetish or a fantasy that you have yet to explore in your work? Somewhere, maybe, you fear to go?

I think that this is a really complicated matter and any author or comic creator has to deal with it carefully. As I said before I consider myself a very open minded person about sex and fetishes and so I have a lot of fantasies and kinky stories that I’ve already wrote down for possible future comics. I’ve no personal fear to transform the most extreme and perverted fantasies into comics but I have to admit that there’s a filter that I tend to apply to the material that I publish on the web. For example I can tell you that some of my readers who followed me this year asked me go to on more extreme graphic material that could involve gore, extreme violence, rape, cannibalism, and animal intercourse.

I’m aware that on the web you can find any type of material, and that there are comics, especially mangas, where you can find all the types of extreme stuff you want to see. Personally I don’t publish any material that could potentially hurt the sensibility of someone mainly because I’m aware that the web is full of young people and the warnings of the first page or the parental controls are not really effective to block them. This doesn’t mean that I will not deal with my extreme fantasies in the future, but I think they’ll be available only on my Patreon page to verified patrons or in form of special “black albums” available only to verified adults.

♥ Great answer - I can totally respect that approach, and I think readers would appreciate it. Getting back to your work, how does your design process work? Do you start with a story, or is it images that drive your creative process?

Usually my workflow starts with a story that I write down on my PC as pure text. Then I draw a quick storyboard on paper with a pencil and then I start with the creation and customization of the 3D assets I will need for the comic. I think that the most exciting point is when the characters are ready to be placed in the locations and I can start to make them interact. In this phase it’s like being a kind of film director with all my actors on the scene ready to play the script I wrote for them. After that, the creative part is finished but there’s a lot of work still to be done: rendering, post processing, texting. I have to admit, I’m not a pro, and I’ve learned all the techniques by myself in these years, but I can tell you that create a comic is one of the most complicated and all-round existing form of arts but it gives you a level of freedom and expression that is hard to find in other media.

♥ From what I've seen, you're a quick learner! Aside from the extreme request you mentioned earlier, what are some of the weirdest or most wonderful reactions you’ve had from readers?

Most of my affectionate readers write me comments and emails saying that they would like to exchange themselves with one of my characters, being kidnapped, transformed in cute slutty girls, or being hypnotized and submitted by a sexy Alien Mistress. This is really the best feedback for me because it means that my stories, especially if they are totally imaginary and unrealistic, are able to create an immersive and engaging experience for the readers.

About the weirdest messages I received? Well, as I said before, are the ones of people (women, men or other genders) that ask me to create a 3D character that seems like themselves in real life and put it in extreme situations that, sometimes, sound weird even to a “pervert” like decaMeron.

♥ Is there a writer or an illustrator who inspires you, or someone you turn to when you want to escape into someone else's imagination?

There are a lot of illustrators and comic authors that I like to follow and some of them are in direct contact with me by email or on deviantart: you can find the links to their work on my site. If we talk about inspiration I have to quote some of my myths that showed me, since I was a teenager, how comics could be one of the best media for erotism. As an Italian I’d like to mention Crepax the author of Valentina, Serpieri with his hot heroine Druuna. and Magnus with his erotic sexploitation comics.

♥ I recognize Serpieri from his Heavy Metal work. Finally, with 2017 coming to a close, what can we look forward to seeing from yourself in the new year?

Doing a review of 2017 I can say that it has been an year of transition for decaMeron. A lot of time and energy was spent in creating a new site with a personal first level domain that has replaced the old blogger one and starting a Patreon campaign. These activities, combined with some other personal commitments, has forced me to reduce my production and limit it to one long comic and a bunch of short webcomics.

I think that in 2018 my effort will be more focused on comics production and I can tell you that there is already a running project to create a full 100 pages comic of Weird-T-Science series. The project is still a work in progress but I can tell you, as an exclusive tease, that the story will talk about a scientist that finds the first living alien form on Earth: a kind of telepathic alien worm. But the initial excitement for the significant scientific discovery will be soon be taken away by a tragic revelation: the alien worm is a parasite and can change the host body biology to fit it better to its reproduction needs. The scientist will soon experiment on himself the shocking metamorphosis capabilities of the parasite when his male body is transformed under his eyes into the one of a sexy voluptuous woman. From that moment, under the strong telepathic control of the parasite, he will struggle between an hard choice: to fight the parasite mind control or to abandon to its will and become its slave mindless breeder.

Finally I want to thank you again for the opportunity you gave me with this interview and I wish you and your readers a joyful, peaceful, kinky and full of sex new year.

Sincerely yours
decaMeron xXx

♥ Happy holidays to you as well, and thanks again for taking the time to join us, decaMeron. I am look forward to sharing my review of More Than Human this afternoon.

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