Thursday, December 21, 2017

More Than Human by decaMeron (#sissy #comics #femdom #scifi)

I have had several readers ask when they might see more comics, graphic novels, and illustrated stories featured on the site, so I hooked up with Amazing Transformation Comics to bring you some pre-holiday delights.

decaMeron graciously agreed to stop by this morning for an interview to get things started. Now, without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to one of his comics, More Than Human.


With all due respect to the other comics featured this month, I think I may have a new favorite in More Than Human. This was sexy, imaginative, kinky, and creative. decaMeron not only took the story to places I did not expect it to go, but he did so in a manner that ensures the story never gets boring or repetitive. Instead, he varies the levels of kink, smoothly shifting between fantasies, and slowly pulling together all the plot threads with a few surprise reveals.

Visually, this is an absolutely gorgeous comic to look at. The level of detail invested in the backgrounds alone is remarkable, filling out each scene with so many little details that its easy to take them for granted. I loved the use of shading and texture throughout, with everything from concrete walls to rough denim, sexy fishnet stockings, and shiny high-heeled boots. There are a few pages that make a nice use of perspective as well, putting items out of focus to drive our eyes to what matters. The characters are exquisite as well, exaggerated and oversexed, with great curves, contours, and postures. All of them, even the sex doll robots, look completely natural, with none of the awkward stiffness or harsh edges of some 3D illustrations. 

As for the story, decaMeron wastes no time getting to the kinky stuff, with a beneath-the-table public blowjob that ends with Samuel creaming in his girlfriend's coffee. Once we enter the secret facility where most of the story takes place, things get even wilder, with the introduction of sissy sex slave robots that used to be real men. The amount of detail invested in their creation and operation is glorious. We learn what they can do (including multitasking), how  their sensory inputs can be adjusted (they can be whipped until bleeding without pain, or left screaming by a simple clothespin), and what goes on inside them (with a surprising level of mental and emotional conditioning). There are even some over-the-top kinks, such as the well-hung shemale sex dolls with no arms and a cock for a tongue. Just when you think it cannot get any wilder, natural forced feminization and chastity bring the story back to reality, giving the reader a chance to breathe, before it gets wilder again in the second half.

Some readers may find More Than Human to be text-heavy, but I loved how it felt like an illustrated novel, with a level of narrative detail that matches the dialogue. I will say no more about the story (there are still plenty of surprises to discover), but those final twists I mentioned do make for a climax that is just about perfect . . . but which still leaves room for a sequel.

I am Decameron, and this is one of the few things that I really know about myself. I don’t know when I was born, how old I am, who I am. I think I’m a man mainly … but sometimes I also feel like a woman, a girl, a boy, a transgender… Maybe I could tell you about my creator, he lives in Italy, has about 40 years and is definitely a man with a normal, happy and “messy” life as all other people. But he is not important here, I am! I think I’ve always been here, since sexuality, lust and kinky fantasies appeared sometime ago in someone’s mind … I think that I am one of the embodiment of these fantasies and my job is to to make them come true in my stories. You may wonder: are you heterosexual? homosexual? pansexual? sadist? masochist? No I’m not, I don’t like labels, for me sexual fantasies are all equally interesting, and I like to use them all to tell my stories.

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