Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Femdom & Futa Erotica - Audiobook Editions! (#sissy #femdom #futa #audiobook)

Some very exciting news this week!

I recently signed a contract with Wordwooze Publishing to produce audiobook editions of a few of my short stories, and the first two went live this week!

Sissy Rachel Earns Her Collar is a revised edition of my story from the Lipstick For Her Leather anthology. While it is not a true story, it does draw heavily upon my own experiences, and Rachel is someone with whom I identify a great deal.

This is a story that is very close to my heart, and hearing it read aloud left me with some very happy tears.

We were fortunate to get the lovely Audrey Lusk to narrate it (you may recognize her voice from audiobooks by Mistress Dede, Mistress Harley, Jacqueline Sweet, Yamila Abraham, Tymber Dalton and many others) and I think you will agree she has done a fantastic job.

A Queer Sort of Queen is a slightly more polished version of my story from the Futa Explosion anthology. This one was a lot of fun to write, one of those stories that just carried me away, demanding a completely different tone and emotion than I had originally envisioned.

I really love this story, especially since something so bright and lovely came out of what was originally a very dark, almost painful tale. It reminds me of how far I've come myself.

For this one, we are very excited to have Louise Cooksey doing the narration (you may recognize her from the taboo stylings of Akira Brooks and Cunning Kimmy or the darker, edgier stories of Jubilee Savage and Marc Johnson) and I think she has absolutely nailed the atmosphere I was going for.

I have a few free coupons to giveaway to anybody who fancies giving them a listen, and who is willing to give them a review. Just leave a comment below or pop me an email.

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  1. How exciting, Sally! Congratulations! I wish you every success with your audiobook. Happy IWSG Day!